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Real Time Enhancements’ Mission

For wellbeing to be accessible to all members of the community no matter what their situation and where they live.

Real Time Enhancements’ Vision

To share and make available, tools and frameworks designed for today’s climate: that consider and address the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing along the road to successful positive outcomes.

Tricia LaBella originally commenced her career in the fitness industry as an aerobic athlete, group exercise instructor, Personal Trainer and lecturer at TAFESA in fitness and wellbeing education.

She later took on a mentoring and workplace counselling role in organisations including Next Generation as Fitness Director.

In 2006 after a personal experience with cancer, she became more passionate about a holistic body and mind wellbeing approach.

Rhythm of Life coaching was created to bring this learning to workplaces, organisations and personal clients. (You may notice music notes on some material that reflects a powerful message around changing your rhythm, changing your life.)

In 2013, Tricia LaBella collaborated with Claudine Burgess to commence Real Time Enhancements and develop a personal and workplace program supporting people affected by cancer. (The original logo may still be seen on some material.)

In 2017, Tricia LaBella consolidated all facets of her professional and personal history to service the broader community through the rebranded Real Time Enhancements.

The key mission moving forward, is developing wellbeing for life.

Why? The feel good (that’s wellbeing), brings the do good. And that brings results. Simple. Whether for relationships, work, business, sport, projects.

However as Real Time Enhancements suggests, the path is more complex.

Paths are entwined in systems and approaches hence success is reliant on how those ‘systems’ and approaches respond. Do they believe it, support it, enable it, grow it?

In workplaces, businesses, organisations, families and communities.

Real Time Enhancements sees that many systems and approaches inherited from the past and used today, are moving us further from this.

And while powerful wellbeing activities such as yoga and meditation are being introduced, they are only part of the long-term solution.

Real Time Enhancements recognises the gap and leads a movement towards developing new skills, mind-sets, models and systems for the physical and mental wellbeing that is so urgently needed today and for the future.

Things that build and promote real conversations, real listening, positive choices, caring, supporting, adapting, collaborating.

Things we are rarely trained for or introduced to throughout our schooling and other personal development.

Real Time Enhancements’ has the collective skills, compassion, experience and drive to play a key role in bringing these approaches and skills.

For workplace, business, organisation, industries, boards, communities, individuals.


  • Diploma of Teaching, (Major Psychology), Hartley CAE, SA
  • Diploma of Fitness, TAFESA
  • Graduate Diploma of Social Science, (Health Counselling), UNISA
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAFESA
  • Diploma of Life Coaching, (Health and Wellness), LCI Australia
  • Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, The Langley Group Institute

Meet others in the team

Kay MacKenzie

Kay is an industry role model, with over 40 years’ experience as a lecturer, trainer and mentor, both State and Nationally. She has several aerobic titles, coached at a world level and was a company director and fitness director of the Perfect Fit Health Centre’s.

Kay is a former Fitness Leader of the year, recipient of Recreation SA Lifetime Achievement award and is the SA Network Ambassador. Kay’s classes, which she still continues to teach, are legendary!

Her mission is to inspire and motivate people of all ages to embrace and participate in fitness activities by demonstrating that physical and mental agility can be achieved irrespective of age.

He vision is to enhance the lives of people.

And her passion for helping and her ability to relate to people across all demographics, sees this vision come to life though the many roles she plays in the community that includes Education and Training Officer for Active Ageing Australia.

Kay is a valued facilitator of some key workshops and services with Real Time Enhancement. Her years of experience coupled with her fun and engaging style has participants in safe hands.

  • Certificate IV in Fitness – Master Trainer, Group Fitness,
  • Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Certified in Les Mills, Flow Yoga, Heart Moves, Zumba
  • Level I Accredited Coach