Bubbles the Beagle… A great teacher

I’m going to be honest about one of the paths to my own wellbeing that I think will make you smile… I’d like to introduce Bubbles the Beagle…

Bubbles 2You may be thinking… yes, pets contribute to wellbeing because of the joy, love and unconditional they bring…

And while that’s true… there’s actually more that Bubbles has brought me.

You see we inherited Bubbles from my son and let’s just say – from the start it was evident she was a character… She really did test me on so many levels.

One of my first tests… was my ability to forgive…

Well from her perspective I’m sure she’d be saying, “What’s to forgive?”

“Surely if you leave chocolates or any trace of food on any bench of the house, you’d expect I’d gratefully ‘clean it up’!”

“And if you leave any other treasures that girls’ just love… such as purses, jewellery, lipstick, shoes and special trinkets… how could I resist?”

You’re right Bubbles… and I must say thank you for helping me expand my sense of humour! And helping me let go more easily of material possessions that I once thought I couldn’t live without.

I’ll keep you posted on any more lessons brought about by Bubble’s antics…

Oh, if you’re keen to see an example of an amazing beagle in action… you might enjoy this short video… 

Love Tricia


Tricia Book 2Here is a short excerpt from my book, ’22:44, Our Hidden Gift’ that describes a little more about how my relationship with Bubbles got started… p 252

…I recall a time when I inherited my son’s beagle, Bubbles. Bubbles the beagle was, to say the least, a hyperactive and mischievous two-year-old puppy when she arrived. It was at a time when I was looking for peace and freedom, and somehow she didn’t fit the picture. Trouble was, she was special to my son, and I wasn’t prepared to break their bond.

At first, Bubbles brought out the worst in me. I was resisting. I was trying to control things I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop her inquisitiveness, her playfulness, or her destructive mistakes. I could feel the angst in my body over it. Our relationship worsened. I was spending a lot of energy in the negativity of it. It was as though she knew how I felt.

Then one day, I decided the only way to resolve the situation was through my heart. I sat her down and looked deep into her eyes to a place where I saw a beautiful young lady who just wanted to be loved. She’d had a rough start to her life (she’d run into a moving car, jumped from a moving car, and escaped from home on several occasions), and she was seeking someone to guide her and be patient.

As I patted her beautiful multicoloured coat, I instantly felt gratitude pour from her. She quieted to a level I hadn’t experienced before. She received the message from my heart as I felt hers. It was the turning point in our relationship. She is now a much-loved member of our family and gives us so much more—in fact, a story about The Adventures of Bubbles the Beagle could be a bestseller!