About our Bloggers

About our community bloggers

These characters bring many of our topics… They represent the archetypes – the ‘who’ we often need to be, to get the motivation to take on some new practices around our health and wellbeing… Sometimes stepping into characters can help you feel ‘you can’…


Mrs Sprout

Mrs Sprout… enjoys love for family, home style cooking, chatting and conversation.

She brings her own twist on RECIPES, her tips, strategies and ideas on how to eat well even on challenging days… she also chats with others who have knowledge around NUTRITION.

Basil and Sage

Basil and Sage know the importance of caring for their body, having life balance and good relationships.

They bring insights through their conversations with others around FITNESS and WELLBEING.

Tom Source

Tom… gathers IDEAS and INSPIRATIONS through conversations and exploration.

He loves getting out and meeting amazing people…


Claudine… brings the creative and light with a warrior approach

She expresses personal stories through the magic of metaphors… with English as her 5th language she also brings unique cultural perspectives


Tricia… brings the light and mindful with a nurturing approach

She shares personal stories and enjoys magical insights and inspirations that opens the mind to possibilities…

Invited Bloggers

Those who share their stories and inspire others…

From anywhere in the world…