Give and receive…

Tricia and ClaudineWe are 2 women who’ve faced some challenges, reared children, achieved a few personal successes along the way and one of our more recent – have gone through cancer…

And it was the fear of going through cancer – facing the unknowns – finding ways to tackle the challenges – different ones each day – that strengthened us.

And now years on from that, we bring that courage to this new venture of bringing Real Time Enhancements to life.

I say courage – yes courage – because like then – with our cancer experience – we are stepping into the unknown – into territory that is way beyond what we often have control over – and yet we have decided to do that.

Some days we ask ourselves how are we going to do it, yet each day we push through another obstacle – Learning, asking, crying, laughing, discovering, reflecting, questioning, searching, seeking, changing, wondering…

What we are in fact doing – is growing.

We are now facing what we didn’t think we could do – starting a business.

However we see it as more than that…

We see it as giving hope to others – others not just going through cancer – although that’s what inspired us – we’re bringing hope to those going through challenges, hope to women over 50, hope to people entering into business, hope to women and men that they can become fit and active members of the community, hope to non-computer savvy entrepreneurs looking to reach its audience in today’s climate, hope to anyone who feels any task is impossible.

So as I write this post, after what appears as losing my entire hard drive on the computer from an update install – I once again moved through the very process we bring through the BREATHE for Life Journals online…

The first thing I did was BREATHE – yes at first, it was AH the big slap – and it did take many settling breaths to reach calm after the initial panic – but in a similar way we faced of one of the biggest challenges of our life in cancer, we Regrouped, found a way to Empowerment and Action – Took up some helpful strategies that really relieved some of the dreadful feelings and worries that helped us to ‘keep moving’.

And one really valuable discovery along the way – through cancer- and any challenge or shock – you can’t do it alone.

Claudine’s words of comfort and reassurance, my husband’s hug of support – were priceless in my moment of need – it really helped ease the pain of my computer data loss!!

And this concept of support has been something we just recently enjoyed through our connection with Jerome Lamarque from Get Performing who is there to guide us around building our connections with you through our business – in much the same way we are there guiding those through a life challenge.

We recognise the importance of finding a support person / persons who feel right for you, in the way that fits your values and life approach and have the tools to be helpful in the challenge you are facing.

And not just because they’ve done it before – RATHER they’ve done it in the way you would like to do it yourself!

It’s a wonderful cycle of give and receive – where we are all supporting each other grow – and these were the very words Jerome used as he shared time with us.

So as you face new territory, you may ask yourself who feels right for you?

Love Tricia and Claudine