Inner resources… New life

‘Every challenge in life draws out some amazing qualities, strength, and skills. When we consciously acknowledge these, we show ourselves that they exist – and that’s all we need to know.’ Pg 235

’22:44 Our Hidden Gift’

I remember the day well and thought I’d share this snippet with you.

It is a simple example – yet the situation had a huge impact on me.

It showed me I could do what I didn’t think was possible – and I regularly remind myself of that when things feel tough.

That’s the beauty of simple things – it’s often when the most amazing realisations arrive.

Here’s how one of my amazing realisations arrived –

(hope it reminds you of your own amazing moments)

It started…  

while doing a course, the trainer asked all the students in the class to use a metaphor in a written piece for homework.

At that stage of my life, I was still telling myself that I couldn’t write – and the task felt impossible.

Then later that evening… 

‘before I started the exercise, I settled my mind from
all the ego talk, all the chatter about can’t, and found a still and silent
place. I waited for something to arrive. I waited . . . and in the next
moment, I turned my head and looked out the window to our outdoor
entertaining area. Nestled in the ficus tree I noticed a small bird’s-nest.
As I looked more closely, I saw a tiny bird peer out to the sky. I became
mesmerised by its first attempts to engage the world. I was in a trance,
I’m not sure for how long.
When I returned to my task, I tried to create my metaphor. Nothing.
Blank. Then it hit me. It had arrived in the form of the bird in the
nest. Metaphor or not, this is what arrived.

New Life
The birdling peers above the boundaries
of its lovingly constructed nest to view
an expanse so vast . . . so daunting.

He asks,
“What am I meant to do—how can I journey afar?
If I don’t try, I may be here forever!”
With an overwhelming sense of courage,
he looks to a destination near . . .
and instinctively knows just the way to get moving . . .
the answers within.
Support and love of those who care . . .
his attempts more able.

With confidence building, small journeys . . .
nest to tree, tree to nest, nest to big tree, big
tree to nest, nest to new neighbourhood, new
neighbourhood to new neighbourhood.
So the wonderful adventure begins.

Journeys . . . not just journeys,
learning, sharing, giving, inspiring . . .
“How this is worth it,” he proclaims
as colour, sound, smell, movement
swirls from everywhere.

He ventures deeper with an inner peace and
confidence into an ocean of space along the
flight path with other birds so grand.
There is a sense of belonging.
Share the spirit . . .
be the eagle within.