It’s the moments that matter…

We were fortunate to share a beautiful morning with a group from the Cancer Care Centre. Experiencing moments more mindfully enriched the time and created a space that will bring lasting memories. It highlighted once again, the gains that arrive when we give ourselves time and commitment to mindful conversations and engagement. It really is ‘the moments that matter’…

Here’s what they are saying…

‘Thank you both for your warm and engaging style.  Your workshop helped demystify mindfulness and the tips on how to incorporate it into our daily lives were simple and easy to remember.  I know our clients who attended the workshop gained a greater understanding about how to use mindfulness to assist them during their cancer journey and beyond.’

Jane Horton Cancer Care Centre Manager

‘I really enjoyed your energy and your caring approach’

‘Very well presented, I thoroughly enjoyed the session’

‘Loved it, Thank you for packing so much into two hours’ 

From some participants