Keep Moving… at the Hut

new 1It’s usually the power of the group that inspires shifts in thought and feelings even when gathered together for just a short time… And that’s how it felt at the Hut. The ‘Keep Moving’ workshop or ‘UPLIFTER’ as we like to call it was the vehicle for some personal and group ‘aha’ moments. Walking out of an ‘uplifter’ uplifted, inspired and energised… is what many of the participants expressed they felt… What a great morning… Thank you to you all… we loved it.

Here’s what they are saying… 

‘thank you ladies for an entertaining and thought provoking morning’

‘very positive, loved all of it. What a new feeling!’

‘struggling to focus on yourself? This session will help you achieve that’

‘a friendly and positive information session packed with practical activities that moved my thinking forward in positive ways’

‘fun and interactive workshop in caring space, reminding us of the power we have in ourselves’

‘I love the session and feel inspired!’

‘simple and enthusiastic. Especially helpful for those experiencing traumatic times in their lives and for helping to find new or different life direction. Comfortable and inclusive environment’

‘an energising session. Fun, informative and inspirational. Perfect timing for me’