Know what you are looking for…

Wellbeing anytime, anywhere… One ingredient of anytime, anywhere wellbeing, is knowing what you are looking for…

Let’s put it this way… have you ever found yourself curious or wanting? You know curious about the health benefit of blueberries or about places to visit on holidays or wanting to buy a pair of runners or cream to help with scarring… Only to find it leads you to a trail of confusion – where you hardly remember the reason for the start of your search?

That feeling that arrives where your head feels like it’s in a spin; you’re confused and zapped of energy…

I was reminded of this not long ago when I headed outdoors with my grandsons to play the usual football and play at the park…

For some reason this winter has felt so much colder than usual (they say that has something to do with the length of the solar flares?)

So when I ventured out – I heard myself saying again – ‘I must get a warm outdoor jacket’…

I’m so grateful my grandsons love the outdoors and they love it even more when their Nanny (that’s me) – heads out doors (between the rain patches) to help them expend some of that wonderful exuberant energy!

They help me feel so alive and remind me that the weather need not stop me from anything!

This jacket situation however has been an ongoing issue…

You see it is something I have attempted to purchase before.

Many months ago my sister told me about her new jacket purchase,

Knee length, hooded, quilted and warm

She had me sold I was ready to invest in the same jacket.

That was until my friend told me about what she was looking for,

Being ‘style conscious’ she had me thinking about the shape and material,

Then my sister in law told me about the down feathers for extra warmth,

That sounded great,

So then I found myself pondering all the elements of a good outdoor jacket,

And that’s when the confusion set in,

And what did that do…


It fed procrastination…

Until I reminded myself of something basic and helpful –

Something that often helps me when I feel stifled in some way,

I ask; what is important to me, what do I need and what am I wanting from this jacket?

Not someone else, not everyone else, just me.

This helped me narrow it down to 4 things; affordable, knee length, warm, outdoor hooded jacket

And that was the key to unlocking my freeze,

When I heard the sales were on, the affordable was in the arena!

And the rest was easy,

So now with my new jacket in hand…

My wellbeing has been improved for many reasons;

  • I’m warmer when outdoors
  • I’ve let go of procrastination and confusion
  • I’ve gained confidence due to my decisiveness and certainty

So from something simple I’ve really gained…

And that’s something we love to share and support you with too…

Try it for yourself and see if it is a helpful ingredient for your wellbeing anytime, anywhere…

This may be especially helpful going through a time with cancer – when so many options and opinions come into play,

So remember… do what you do – for you,

With love,