What stories are you listening to?

Life stories is where the real magic lies. So what stories are you listening to?

When I was asked to share something valuable on the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness online summit, I decided to talk about stories and the impact they can have on how you feel going through cancer. And while it has reference to a cancer experience, the same holds true for anything you are faced with in life.

Before a diagnosis of any kind, the condition is not in your consciousness. It doesn’t have to be. If it is, it may mean you are thinking about something that actually needs no attention or energy.

When something does arrive, it’s natural to try and seek out all you need to know about what you are dealing with.

What you may find happen, especially at the beginning, it is difficult to be discerning with what you need to know and that can lead to an influx of information, stories, dialogues and visions that are not actually relevant or helpful.

Being prepared with how you’re going to approach the new territory can be a great step in feeling a little more in control and lessening the overwhelm that can sometimes occur.

Here is a snippet and hope within this lies something valuable. To hear the full version and to listen to many wonderful contributors to the summit, use the portal provided.