Move through Cancer… ‘walk and talk’ program

Thank you for the interest in the ‘Walk and Talk’ program.

This program is designed specifically for people going through cancer to engage in a walk and simple exercise program in an outdoor / or other setting.

At this stage, the program is only available in the local Adelaide area, however it is hoped in the near future to extend beyond this.Copy of Copy of Personal Coaching 8

So for those in the Adelaide area…

The ‘Walk and Talk’ program is conducted in areas such as Linear Park / or similar uplifting environments and run by a fully qualified Fitness Professional who has undertaken Real Time Enhancements specific training around the BREATHE for Life approach that is based on empowerment and promotion of self learning and exercise.


The program runs for 6 weeks at a time and is designed to not only achieve physical, mental, social and psychological benefits – it provides motivation, basic information, tools and learning to become more confident and independent with exercise.

A requirement if you are going through cancer/treatment is that before commencing you engage an Exercise Physiologists (E.P.) to determine your personal safe prescription and provide any other recommendations around your exercise involvement.

Once you have undertaken this E.P. session, the Fitness Professional will have a chat with you before the program starts discuss and clarify things.

Your support team can also join in the program, with just a medical screening and or a medical clearance from the GP required.

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You and each participant within the group will be engaging at your own personal level of exercise and the Fitness Professional will guide, support, encourage and motivate.

You will be encouraged to record your physical results and other helpful information around emotions, energy levels, dates of last and side effects – some of which may be very useful to share with your other health and medical team.

This program is a valuable addition for you and anyone wishing to build the confidence, skills and knowledge to exercise.

To assist in minimising costs, we are happy that for those in Adelaide, the University of South Australia has warmly agreed to offer the EP service they currently run for students in their final year of study (supervised by a qualified EP) to conduct these assessments at an affordable rate.

Their cost is for an initial assessment is $20 and while it is not a requirement of the program, they do offer post screening for $15 for those who wish to take up this offer.

Our social media and news section on the Real Time Enhancement website will keep you up to date at this stage on commencement dates and time for the upcoming programs.

The cost of the 6 week program is at a start up rate of $40 (less than $7 per session) and is paid prior to the start.

Upon payment upon payment you will receive your information booklet on how to get started with things and more.

As this is a new program, we also ask that you provide your valuable feedback through a short survey before and after completion.

To find out more or register for the next program, contact Tricia La Bella via email on