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The TOOL KIT. Development activities

This TOOL KIT provides a range of activities designed to develop skills and practices that bring healthy human connection and wellbeing for the self,  family, work and business life. Every tool has a specific purpose. The tools in this TOOL KIT are designed to draw upon, when throughout your day, you identify the value or need for developing in that specific area. This tool kit is NOT A PROGRAM. Rather a go to place, when the desire or want or curiosity arrives. As new tools are developed, we will add to the TOOL KIT.

These tools are freely available.

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Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML)

Keep Moving Lifestyle shows the way to include more movement, more naturally into your day. It shows how exercises and movements can be filtered into the 16 + hours that are available to you. It’s about a new mindset around how to gain general fitness for life.  While the program is based on exercises and movements you might see in a gym and in other recreation activities, it is more about small, simple and achievable moves scattered throughout the day to overcome the problems associated with long periods of sedentary. We regularly bring out a new ‘menu’ of 5 moves (lower body, upper body, cardio, posture and lifestyle) and demonstrate where and how they can be done. A great resource to refer to. Enjoy being part of a new movement to build energy and vitality through a Keep Moving Lifestyle approach.


Workplace Wellbeing – Managers

Workplace Wellbeing for Managers is a collection of 7 focus areas that Real Time Enhancements has identified as valuable in the building and sustaining of a wellbeing culture and environment. Each topic provides communication and system approaches relevant to day to day functioning, that managers can engage to achieve outcomes related to PERMA +, a recognised wellbeing framework (Selligman.) It is designed to have managers explore, question, create, test and reflect on how to achieve a flexible, adaptable, sustainable and effective environment for both wellbeing and productive outcomes.


Find the Way – Transform your life

Is a journey that Real Time Enhancements has identified as transformative. The perspectives and activities provide an opportunity to explore more about the unique nature of your existence and discover what that can bring to your life. It is personal and is designed at a pace that allows time to question, test and reflect. It is designed to positively influence your daily life to feel more rewarding.


BREATHE for Life – Wellbeing

Is a journey through the BREATHE acronym where each letter brings an action strategy that may be helpful in the day to day moments when steered off course or for prevention. The content is designed to have you discover more options and choices that can make a real difference. Questions and activities cover an array of topics; what is helpful when negative emotions take over, who is helpful for your specific needs, what information is helpful for your needs, what can lead to the next step, what is your ever reliable?