Personal Coaching

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What is Personal Coaching ?

Coaching provides an opportunity to find clarity and direction with what you are personally seeking.

When is it helpful?

It may be in times when you are experiencing uncertainty, challenge or isolation that comes with a cancer diagnosis, during treatment or with life beyond.

It may be in times when you are facing a different type of challenge and are looking to explore some other perspectives and approaches to test out for yourself.

It may be in times when you have made the decision to change something up in your life, and are looking to gain more tools with how to bring that to life.

It may be in times when you are seeking outside ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ from your usual network of support…

What will it bring?

Tricia and Claudine have been in your shoes and are Life Coaches who understand what is helpful during these times and how you can achieve what is available to you.

‘We’re here if you’re looking to connect in a more personal way’

We offer a completely confidential service through skype…

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