Personal coaching… with Tricia La Bella


TriciaHi… it’s Tricia here,

I thought I’d share a little about how coaching can support you, to better see if it will be helpful for you…

Your situation

Sometimes when you’re going through a time in your life things pop up that you don’t expect -cancer might just be one of them. You may never have had to deal with those matters and things get complicated.

You may find you have tried to talk to your family and friends about and might find, for some reason you don’t feel they are the right people.

Sometimes you may want outside ears and perspective for ideas or just to listen.

Sometimes you may not know what is wrong – you just know something is and you’re finding it difficult to see your way clear.

Sometimes you are finding it challenging to make a decision because there are lots of things to consider and finding the best approach for you is not straight forward.

Sometimes you have some things you just don’t feel comfortable sharing with those you know but you know and feel you want to tackle some changes.

Sometimes you may feel the issue is too small to make a fuss about – and yet it is the thing that is really getting you down.

Why coaching?

The coaching will give you the one on one time to have the outside ears, to hear and explore what you may not have yet done. As a coach I can help map out your situation and help you with asking yourself some questions to sort through some of the challenges.

With the coaching we will work collaboratively to create the steps and path that feels and works best for you. It is always your choice. This can help give you that person who ‘has your back’ with making the things you decide, happen. It can mean the things you feel uncomfortable with today – are faced sooner – to feel better tomorrow.

How to get started 

This coaching is flexible and tailored to suit your needs. There are no long term commitments – just pay as you go – with one session at a time – to test how it feels for you. We can negotiate other arrangements from that if you would like to explore other arrangements.

Often just one session can kick start something positive and that in itself can be powerful.

If you feel more comfortable to chat with me personally before booking a session, contact me via email and we’ll go from there.

Your wellbeing is my interest…

With love, Tricia


Some logistics

  • I offer this personal coaching via skype…
  • All sessions are confidential
  • Contact me to arrange a time and gather further details (agreement) via email
  • Email –
  • All payments are made through this website’s cart prior to the session… available here 

Testimonial from coaching client (Angela, Marketing Manager)

Having exhausted my own support network, I needed a different outlet to help me ‘find the way’ and Tricia has definitely helped me to get back on track.

She has helped to enhance my self awareness and with the new perspectives she brought, it has enabled me to become more accepting, relaxed and much happier.

Tricia is a great listener and her interpretations have provided much clarity for me in my future journey – She is someone you can really connect with and feel very comfortable with, thanks Tricia

For more about Tricia and her qualifications 

What got me started?

I’ve been life coaching for around 10 years in areas related to general life, health and wellbeing, personal and relationship matters… My coaching career actually started after my own diagnosis with cancer.

My focus has always been around self empowerment and looking to help people grow their power of influence when they never thought it was possible…

I suppose I learned so much through my own own recovery and this work is now something I’m very passionate about.