Product: Wellbeing Journal through cancer

PRODUCT: BREATHE for Life Journal

Wellbeing through cancer

Cancer… going through yourself,  a family member or a friend supporting someone through cancer

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This BREATHE for Life Journal is available as an easy download to experience straight away…

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006, I knew too well the importance of taking a breath and regrouping to face the next step. 

It is common to feel overwhelmed, alone and confused as you enter into territory that is alien and facing decisions that are vitally important.

This BREATHE acronym takes you to places to help with next steps and bring some comfort during and beyond a cancer diagnosis.

This BREATHE for life journal will help you build your own tool box to confidently get through some of the toughest of days.

Through interviews, documented support strategies, blogs, inspirations and useful things to engage – you’ll piece together your own way. 

These BREATHE houses bring topics related to REAL issues that arise when faced with a diagnosis and beyond.

At any time of the day or night you’ll have something helpful and strength building to turn to.   

It is suitable if you are going through or caring for someone through cancer.

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Some topics

  • moving through some difficult emotions
  • asking questions to actually help make better decisions
  • finding the outlets of support
  • creating a lifestyle for yourself even when you are in the middle of treatment
  • having a quality life even when you are living with cancer
  • being helpful in ways that actually do make a difference and are appreciated
  • choosing things that actually work for you and feel right to take on
  • being more involved and engaged in your health situation
  • being selective with what you research and take on and what you don’t

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