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No matter who you ask, when you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, everything in the beginning becomes a jumble and then as time goes by even more and new and different challenges arrive…

Know there is a way to have more influence than you think…

That’s what the BREATHE for Life Journal for cancer gives you – it gives a process to coach yourself and implement for yourself to have impact over and make a difference to how you get through this time…

Introducing our houses, what they represent, what you’ll gain and how you’ll benefit… 


red H B

You’re never ready for when the cancer diagnosis or other challenges arrive. Why would you be – you’ve had your head in all your other life matters. Then in that moment, everything else seems insignificant. Your emotions, ones you can’t even describe, sabotage your ability to make real sense of it. In time you do. But we all do it differently. And that’s important to know, and respect. You are NORMAL – even though it is unbelievably distressing. You will discover you are strong – and you’ll get why and how.”  

Welcome to the BREATHE house.                     



House Orange1R

“You’ve probably never needed to really look at the people in your life and the role they play. Why would you – you normally just go about your business, doing your many tasks with your current network of people and support, riding the ups and downs. Then, what was your normal routine is thrown into chaos. And to regain some order, some normality for you, your family, your life –  you begin to look more closely at what, who and how that can happen.” 

Welcome to the REGROUP house.  




House Orange2

“So on the one hand you begin to become more familiar with the cancer diagnosis and that can lessen the intensity of the anxiety. Yet on the other hand, you know more and that may lead you to search more. And why wouldn’t you, especially if you’re keen to play a part in asking more questions and supporting treatment with other health practices. What you do discover – it can be overwhelming, confusing, negative, fear inducing and feel impossible to achieve, and that doesn’t feel good.”

Welcome to the EMPOWERMENT house.                                                                                                        



House Orange3

“You’ve tried to make changes before and know – it’s not that easy! Somethings that seem so easy and simple – are not. You think… surely when it is for the good of your health during this time with cancer, you’d be able to force yourself. Truth is it’s more than just want, desire and will that makes it happen.”  

Welcome to the ACTION house.                                                                                                    





House Green1

“You’re facing or supporting someone through treatment, therapy or other things aimed at getting on top of the cancer diagnosis. Let’s face it, what you go through may be very uncomfortable, painful, time consuming, frightening and none of these are easy to take. So why not look for ways to ease these effects, so your life during this time – is not all about the cancer or treatment.”

Welcome to the TREATMENT house                                                                                                                                    




House Green2

“You’ve dealt with the major part of the treatment / therapy. You have a sense of relief on the one hand that you’ve moved through that phase – and yet there is the realisation that this time comes with different challenges. You can’t just get on with life exactly as it was, because so much has changed. Yet somehow that becomes the expectation. Instead of a relief, it feels uncomfortable.”  

Welcome to the HEALED house.                                                                                                                   




House Green3

“You’ve been through a lot. In so many ways. Not just with the diagnosis, treatment and everything else that comes with managing that… YOU are changed. You are more resourceful and yet you still feel vulnerable. You may not truly be aware of your gains and how they can empower you from this day forward.”  

Welcome to the ESCAPE house.                                                                         

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