The story…

The story – fork in the road

Have you ever been in a situation at work, home or any part of life where you were so in routine, you never questioned or challenged yourself to do it differently?

That was a bit of my life before I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. I was firmly nestled into my work and home life when I began to ask different questions, and that lead me to take on new study, direction and business with Rhythm of Life Coaching.

FaceFor the first time, I felt I was creating my situation around work and family life and what I wanted.

It felt like worlds away from the routine situation I had been in before.

It allowed me to take on some projects that I’ve been passionate about in the past but only dreamed about.

I produced a couple of books, programs and a self help acronym, PATIENCE relating to my personal process of change which has been helpful for many.

Then 2013 after meeting Claudine Burgess (who had just recovered from her own cancer experience) another self coaching acronym named BREATHE became the underpinning for the BREATHE for Life Journals –

BREATHE is another ‘storage cabinet’ of tools and possibilities to use anytime or in any situation.

This was the beginning of Real Time Enhancements.

Real Time Enhancements – Change your rhythm, Change your life…

Is the new rhythm change, the change…

Rhythm changes hold the key.

They are the key to new things, new ways

And it is possible for all of us.

Simple, small and manageable rhythm changes…