Thank You

RTE would like to thank these individuals and organisations for their contribution to this website and to our programs.


Margie Hann-Syme Margie Hann-Syme on the Mandala
Sharon Tilley Sharon Tilley on Lymphoedema
Olivia Olivia Lukaszewicz on Nutrition
Carlie Hunter Carlie Hunter on Pole Dance Fitness
Marie 2 Marie- Ennis O’Connor on Journal Writing
Genie Lee Perron Genie Lee Peron on Chakra Dance
Kay MacKenzie Kay MacKenzie on Exercising in groups
Guzu 2 Gezu on Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
Tori 2 Tory Toogood on the Pelvic Floor
Amit  Amit on Support Groups
 Robin Turner  Dr Robin Turner on Statistics
Peter Di Prinzio Peter Di Prinzio Celebrating successful treatment 
Florentine gold Nicky and Paul on Natural products 
 Jane Hiking Challenge Jane and team on Hiking Challenge to raise money for bowel cancer  
 Loretta Quinn Dr Loretta Quinn… On music as therapy
 Matt Julian Matt Julian… On yoga and what it brings
Naomi Hutchins Naomi Hutchings… On sexual relationships and intimacy
 dan barry 2  Dan Barry and team Adventure Systems… On XPD Challenge 
Beverly2 Beverly May… Helping with hair concerns 
 Karen Chaston 2  Karen Chaston… On gratitude
ghose Kamya Ghose… An inspiration
Rosemary Xtra Home Care… On Lokomat
Tina Tedesco Vella Tina Tedesco-Vella… On picture story
grantGooglePlus Grant James… Room 2 Heal
Linda Elletson Me June 15 Linda Elletson… Online saving
martin-biz-arms-xd-small Martin Castilla… Finance support