Team Real Time Enhancements… for the JLFTrek 2016

bannerJodie Lee Foundation Trek 2106… After hearing about Jane Mehaffey’s participation in the Jodie Lee Foundation Trek 2015 (read here) to raise money for bowel cancer (inspired by a beautiful woman Jodie Lee who lost her life after being diagnosed at 39 years) – Claudine and I became inspired to take the challenge too.

Apart from the fact that I was also diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006 and know the relevance of awareness and early detection,  it was that Claudine and I have noticed through our involvement in cancer organisation and advocacy, that not all cancers types receive as much funding support.

It is through community fund raising events that extra support takes place.

So… we decided to register a team under the name of Real Time Enhancements with the aim of raising some funds.

And now the fun begins…

Because the reality of walking 80 km over 2 days in the Flinders Ranges along the Heysen Trail has stirred some of our own personal fears…

You know those related to can I really do this? and those related to being outdoors in the scrub… toilets, insects, blisters…

So some good preparation is underway…

And that leads us to the RTE Team…

A few weeks ago we did a call out to see who was keen…

And with that, an amazing team has come together, each with their own personal reasons for taking up their post…

We have now commenced our fitness, team and fundraising building and will keep you posted with what we’re up to…

We asked each of our team members to share a bit about themselves and their reason for becoming involved and what they’d like to achieve… (we’ll add each of them as we receive their story below)

We look forward to you all getting behind them by sponsoring them as part of Team RTE

So a big thank you to the team, a special mention to Maria (for getting us fit ready for the event!) and to those who sponsor by donating via this link or through our fund raising events (join us on walks – we’ll keep you updated on these, an inspirational yoga session and more)

Our warmest regards and thanks, Tricia and Claudine

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Sean and Ben are doing the JLF Trek for several reasons – experiencing the beauty of the Heysen Trail, achieving a personal/group fitness challenge, celebrating with old/new friends and raising the profile of the Jodie Lee Foundation.




GloriaThis is a great cause!!  2 of my family members were diagnosed with bowel cancer. If it wasn’t for them, I may have been in a similar situation myself.  The JLF walk will be a great way for me to achieve some personal goals.I want to use this opportunity to become physically active and appreciate our wonderful natural environment. I am excited by this physically demanding challenge!




Looking forward to this journey,

Hopefully the land will show some mercy.

No better  way to conquer this challenge,

But with the awesome team of REAL TIME ENHANCEMENT.



danielle face


I have been affected by bowel cancer in my family and when I found out about the Jodi Lee foundation I was excited to do something to raise funds to help them continue to do the work they do.





In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during that time knew of a few friends at the same time going through bowel cancer … working close with my business partner Tricia La Bella, who also had gone through bowel cancer (2006), and the many stories we hear every day within the work we do … and meeting at an event for the Jodie Lee Foundation  inspiring ladies who did the Jodie Lee Trek in 2014. I will be very proud to wear my black tutu 80 km over two days … and getting over that finish line with my team!!





It’s been 9 years since my diagnosis with bowel cancer… Since then, being active has been important to me… IN the last few years I have stepped up my fitness focus (to keep up with grandchildren) and when Claudine suggested doing the JLF Trek, I knew it was a great way to achieve so much more than increased fitness… I’m ready for the challenge!!!