The power of knitting on wellbeing

Last week I enjoyed watching my grandson wrap himself up in his favourite ‘blankey’… Yes that’s right, the one I knitted lovingly over the year (or two!)

It was the best feeling – watching the comfort he received from the feel of the hand crafted blanket. I laughed with happiness as he rolled around in it and then dragged it around the house like a favourite toy!

I’m now onto ‘blankey’ number 3 for my next grandson who is due to be born within a week or so.

Watching a video of a terminally ill man knitting hats for the homeless people on Face Book got me thinking about how little it really takes to create something special for someone and how good it actually feels along the way.

Watch that video here from Face Book

And how true that when you have purpose that is meaningful and helpful for others – it is so uplifting…

That’s what wellbeing is all about.

And it can be from something simple and small –

So what if we all just did something small like knit just one square and together ‘grow’ blankets for those who may be in need of warmth this winter?

How great would that be?

So if you’re keen to join me in 2017 on this project find out more here Blanket for winter 2017

We’re on facebook so see how you can be involved…