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 Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) – bringing the ‘how’ for a heart-based world

The Corona Virus has created uncertainty and anxiety and the time is now to become part of a more caring world.

We have the ideas, programs, tools and vision to help organisations, businesses and individuals to keep moving forward and prepare, adapt, grow and be all they can be, for the evolving now

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Benefits over time

Evidence shows that moments in touch with the heart, bring cognitive, psychological, emotional, physiological and physical benefits, all of which contribute to wellbeing, performance and engagement.  (Heart Math Institute explains)

Other benefits which flow from our professional services include:

  • People becoming more aware, being able to express their true feelings more often and feeling better about themselves and their lives.
  • A more empowered and contributing workforce for organisation success and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • People growing in emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, adaptability, and creativity.