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 Real Time Human Approach

Bringing human connection & wellbeing to the Workplace, Business & Corporate Environments.

For so long the focus has been on the outcome, the end point, the bottom line.It’s been more about ‘what’ we are aiming for rather than ‘how’ we are getting there.

Organisations have worked with strategies to reach ‘what’ and this has been the priority approach for many years.

In today’s times, it is evident that without the address and concern for the ‘how’, some really important things have negatively affected capacity to achieve the ‘what’.

We have always known that the ‘how’ has not put people first, or in many instances, not even considered them.

Why is that so?

We don’t think it is at the core of us as humans to intentionally hurt others, however the habits, strategies, processes and environments we engage to achieve the ‘what’, do just that.The issue is that we’ve never established an alternative way of achieving the ‘what’ while considering and assisting people to thrive within it.

Now more than ever however, it is time to find the way.



Because people are hurting. Their physical and mental wellbeing is under duress and it is affecting their health, their performance, their relationships, their zest for life.

Furthermore, successful outcomes are also under duress, in the rapidly changing climate of today.

After having experienced and been at the wrath of such an environment, Real Time Enhancements has pinpointed an approach to bring an alternative.

An alternative approach where people, self-care and wellbeing are at the forefront, and in fact help drive outcomes and performance.

Whether you invest in Real Time Enhancements for a short term or long term, you will be introduced to the approach (the unique method The Vision Web®)  that can lead you, your teams, your businesses your organisations, towards creating and building environments for thriving people and outcomes.

We look forward to showing how your visions and values CAN come to life in the every day walk and talk within your workplace / organisation.

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We are passionate about achieving success with what our clients are striving for, and openly measure what is valued and gained.

Our focus is on building the capacity for quality human relationships & personal potential.

We offer short and long term services specifically designed for Workplaces, Organisations and Businesses through our range of presentations, professional development days and in-house programs. WE also tailor our programs to meet your specific needs.


Online Programs


We know that people require flexibility to cater for the complexities that exist in life today. Our online programs are here to serve.

We bring self-paced programs to engage, apply, reflect and grow. A variety of programs are available for personal and workplace wellbeing development.




Real Time Community Projects reflect the essence of human connection and thriving environments.

Visit our Community Site for more about our projects GROWING HUMAN SPIRIT.

Real Time Community Projects 


Coming Events




We enjoy sharing our views through stories and experiences. Our blogs reflect our personal encounters and unfolding views and thoughts on a range of life and wellbeing topics.



We are growing our products that are uniquely developed and reflect our mission and vision. Currently small books are available.



We enjoy engaging with organisations, businesses and workplaces that support growing the wellbeing mission. Thank you to you all.


Tricia is a highly skilled and experienced facilitator, trainer, educator, coach and program designer with a passion for helping others. With over 25 years of experience in adult learning and wellbeing methodologies, she understands how to bring real change and transformation.

With extensive experience in the area of communication, physical health and fitness, positive mindset, relationships and behaviour change her unique tools and processes blend to build a successful self-management approach to wellbeing.

Her sessions are hands-on and practical with feedback in ‘real time’ to maximise impact and personal growth.

She has serviced a broad range of individuals, organisations, businesses and industries including: TAFESA, Active Ageing Australia, Cancer Care Centre, Guide Dogs SA and Housing and Construction, Community support, Hair and Beauty.

Her mission is for the entire community to be strengthened with individual personal tools to gain wellbeing for life.