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 Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB)

‘Bringing the how for a heart-shaped world’

Our  services enable people and organisations to continuously learn, grow and improve to find and use their hearts in all of life’s moments.

We deliver charitable services to communities to help improve the quality of life for all.

What we do

For Individuals

Are you looking to lead with the heart in all moments through a lifelong process of learning, growth and improvement? Do you want to keep evolving to the best version of yourself? You are in the right place! We have developed a range of services to help you get there. Click here for more information and learn about the benefits -more-

For Organisations

Our professional services are targeted to assist individuals and organisations with what they need and when.

Learning, Growth and Wellbeing Services

  • conducting an initial consultation to understand current position and develop a costed plan for the best path forward
  • providing a RTHB baseline and periodic diagnostic assessments to determine progress and next steps – more →
  • facilitating the RTHB Growth Cycle workshops for ongoing development and improvement – more →  
  • delivering one on one personal learning, growth & improvement sessions – more →      

Services to Simplify Governance, Compliance and Management Systems towards Best Practice.

  • inspiring creativity and innovation towards best practice more →
  • streamlining management systems and simplifying compliance more →
  • bringing a whole new approach to structuring an organisation more →
  • offering a dynamic, values-based approach to governance more →
  • creating momentum for attracting and retaining good people – more → 

Targeted Services

  • e – workshops and flexible delivery wellbeing and more – more →
  • business, strategy, risk, audits, technology, tailored consultation more →
  • industry and community connections and projects more →  

The services for organisations are for Employees, Leaders including: Managers, Directors, CEO’s and Board Members.

Organisations include Not For Profits/ Social Enterprises/ Charities, Corporations, Businesses, Community, Partnerships, Contractors.

Benefits over time

Evidence shows that moments in touch with the heart, bring cognitive, psychological, emotional, physiological and physical benefits, all of which contribute to wellbeing, performance and engagement.  (Heart Math Institute explains)

Real time heart-based professional services brings these opportunities and moments, to find and learn to lead with the heart on an ongoing basis.

These cognitive, psychological, emotional, physiological and physical benefits are particularly gained from the core services where people and organisations can create their improvement cycle to become the best version of themselves over time.

Other benefits which flow from our professional services include:

  • People becoming more aware, being able to express their true feelings more often and feeling better about themselves and their lives.
  • A more empowered and contributing workforce for organisation success and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • People growing in emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, adaptability, and creativity.

About us

Tricia La Bella

Tricia La Bella, Director

Tricia, a past Aerobics Champion, comes with 25 years of experience in the development and delivery of fitness and leadership courses. As a cancer survivor, Tricia wondered why it took cancer to ‘feel’ the real want to ‘live’. Her yearning to discover what it takes to ‘wake up’ before the ‘Mack Truck’ has united her personal passion and professional experience and formal studies, a Diploma of Positive Psychology / Fitness / Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Social Science, to design, develop and deliver wellbeing and personal empowerment courses and community focused projects.

Nigel Stedman

Nigel Stedman, Director 

Nigel completed a Masters of International and Community Development which inspired him to make more of a difference in our world. He comes with extensive experience having worked with over 500 companies world-wide, he can instinctively ‘feel’ the nature and culture of an organisation, and through extensive understanding of best practice assimilates the complexities and identifies issues that matter for sustainability, viability and compliance. Nigel has designed many frameworks and approaches to help organisations improve, harness the creativity and potential of their employees and deliver value to key stakeholders.

Coming together

In coming together and sharing each other’s personal and professional journey, the realisation of the key to real success in personal growth and continuous improvement, emerged. Their combined skills and experience led to the creation of Real Time Heart-Based.

The heart, that transforms learning to bring meaningful personal growth and success for the organisation in real time.

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