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 Real Time Heart-Based

‘Bringing the How’

Real Time Heart-Based Approaches

Real Time Heart-Based brings empowerment and the freedom to be the best version of ourselves, in real time, towards a heart-based global community. These approaches:

  • provide for a caring supportive no-harm approach to self, others, organisation and environment
  • build the adaptive capacity, and pathways, for uncertain futures
  • bring an ‘authentic heart-based’ continual growth cycle, that moves people and the organisation, to become the best versions of themselves
  • empower people to be creative and organisations to innovate
  • have a positive ongoing effect on wellbeing
  • influence the nature of behaviours and decision making, in real time
  • move the organisation towards best practice and simplified compliance
  • incorporate the personal and the gentle

Click here to learn about the Real Time Heart-Based vision, mission, background etc.

Real Time Heart-Based Services

Rather than a program per se, we offer a range of services targeted to assist organisations with what they need and when. All the core services we offer incorporate a pathway for continual growth and improvement towards best practice together with authentic wellbeing and decision-making in real time. Our services are available to individuals and organisations* and include:

  • providing baseline and periodic diagnostic assessments to determine progress and next steps
  • delivering one on one personal growth & improvement sessions
  • facilitating workshops for development, growth and improvement
  • inspiring creativity and innovation towards best practice.
  • streamlining management systems and simplifying compliance
  • bringing a whole new approach to structuring an organisation
  • offering a dynamic, values-based approach to governance
  • creating momentum for attracting and retaining good people

We also offer a range of other services leading to real growth, improvement and authentic wellbeing, summarised below:

  • e-programs and other flexible delivery workshops including: Vision Web ® , PATIENCE and Keep Moving Lifestyle
  • Other organisational Services including Strategic planning, Risk management and opportunity creation Interpretation and implementation of ISO Management System Standards (EG ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, etc.) and preparation for external audits, Measuring what matters, Predictive data analysis
  • Real Time Heart-Based Community Projects – Growing Human Spirit… ‘heart by heart’. Our community projects build communities and include: Knit a Care Square, Darn with Plarn – Save our planet, Keep Moving Lifestyle

*Individuals, Employees, Leaders including: Managers, Directors, CEO’s and Board Members.

*Organisations including Not For Profits/ Social Enterprises/ Charities, Corporations, Businesses, Community, Partnerships, Contractors.

The following explains our services, please click Find Out More at the end of each section or complete the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest or needs.

Diagnostic stratified assessments and reporting to determine progress and next steps

What is the ‘feel’ and culture within your organisation?

Have you sought ways to support and care for people in your organisation and wondered about the effectiveness or ‘real’ gains from the approach?

Are you looking to better target your support, to achieve more ongoing growth in emotional and adaptive capacity or change competence?

Are you introducing change to your organisation for example structure and roles, policies and processes, new technologies/IT systems?

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Delivering one-on-one personal growth & improvement sessions

Would you like to work on becoming the best version of yourself?

Do you wish to express your feelings more often?

Do you have a leadership role and want to be more effective with people and the organisation as well as growing personally? As a leader do you sometimes feel alone, or that there is not anyone to share your stresses with?

Are you currently receiving coaching and feel that you want to achieve more yourself?

Are you looking to grow your own personal capacity to be self-empowered, creative to thrive, to feel better about yourself and your life ?

Do you wish to become your own best guide in all moments, in real time?

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Facilitating workshops for development, growth and improvement 

What drives the personal development, offered in your organisation? 

How often do employees and leaders get the opportunities to work on their own personal development, growth and improvement, whilst learning to work together and accommodate each other’s increasing capability?

What growth areas are valued?

Are you looking to explore development opportunities and investments that translate to ‘real’ gains in personal and organisational best practice?


Inspiring creativity and innovation towards best practice

To what extent are people in the organisation encouraged and enabled to be creative?

To what extent is the organisation innovating to be globally competitive and sustained in terms of products, services, processes and value delivered to all stakeholders?

Do you feel there are obstacles that stifle creativity and innovation? Are you looking to create systems with the capacity to respond, adapt and innovate, in real time?

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Streamlining management systems and simplifying compliance

How is your management system working for you?

Does it feel suitable and effective or bureaucratic and high maintenance?

Do audits just result in more paperwork?

How do compliance requirements and obligations affect your organisation?

Do you experience the challenge of compliance whilst trying to retain a caring and creative culture?

Do you wish to meet your obligations in a way that avoids bureaucracy and enables the ongoing movement towards best practice?

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Bringing a whole new approach to structuring an organisation 

How is your organisation currently structured? Does it enable a dynamic, responsive, empowered and creative organisation delivering value to customers and stakeholders?

Does the structure provide a way to readily keep the ‘finger on the pulse’ across the organisation?

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Offering a dynamic, values-based approach to governance  

How does your organisation shape and sustain its vision, mission and values? Does the approach identify and respond to the ongoing stakeholders needs? Would you like Governance to be more dynamic, timely and value determined?

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Creating momentum for attracting and retaining good people

How does your organisation attract and retain good people? Does the environment provide for personal growth and fulfilment? Are pathways and opportunities available for people looking to improve?

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E – programs and other flexible delivery workshops 

Creating wellbeing environments to suit your needs personally or for your organisation, including the following:

Vision Web® provides you with a methodology to move towards future visions with clarity and wellbeing.

PATIENCE is a toolbox of personal strategies to break the cycle and create a mental shift and action towards your visions.

Keep Moving Lifestyle is an action orientated approach to build the energy and vitality to achieve more of what you want.

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Other services for organisations 

The following services are provided to assist organisations to grow and improve in specific areas.

These include;

  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management and opportunity creation
  • Interpretation and implementation of ISO Management System Standards (e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO55001) and preparation for external audits
  • Development of software / website requirement specifications (including work flows)
  • Measuring what matters for an organisation
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Predictive data analysis
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Real Time  Heart-Based Community Projects 

Growing human spirit… ‘heart by heart’

Our community projects build communities.

Based on caring for the Self Others Environment (SOE), they show the power of small things.

They highlight the impact that love and care has on wellbeing and personal growth and development.

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