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 Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) – bringing the ‘how’ for a heart-shaped world

The Corona Virus has created uncertainty and anxiety and the time is now to become part of a more caring world.

We have the ideas and vision to help organisations to keep moving forward and prepare, adapt and grow for the new now and the new future. Contact us to discuss further by video conference (zoom) or phone.

Our services enable people and organisations to continuously learn, adapt, grow and improve to find and use their hearts in all of life’s moments.

We initiate and sustain projects and programs, in the community by the community,  to help improve the quality of life for all.


An Improvement and Wellbeing Program for Organisations, Businesses and Not For Profits

Our services are aimed at assisting organisations including leaders and employees to transform and adapt to Covid 19 and beyond, to the new normals and challenges created. We provide the following to assist with transformation and adaptation:

  • an approach which provides a facilitated program shifting to a more rewarding and heart-based culture with real simplification and improvement via recognised consultants or your internal resources with guidance as needed.
  • an online program for for employees, leaders and the organisation which provides improved sense of empowered self, learning, awareness, growth and contribution leading to wellbeing
  • questionnaires which establish the feelings in a range of situations enabling meaningful status and progress

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Our community projects are aimed at growing the human spirit by pulling together to help others. We offer a range of ways for people to get involved without pressure to do more, or deadlines…just what is ok for you. For each project the donation is your time and skills in whatever you can do… you will know what difference that you are making.

Benefits over time

Evidence shows that moments in touch with the heart, bring cognitive, psychological, emotional, physiological and physical benefits, all of which contribute to wellbeing, performance and engagement.  (Heart Math Institute explains)

Other benefits which flow from our professional services include:

  • People becoming more aware, being able to express their true feelings more often and feeling better about themselves and their lives.
  • A more empowered and contributing workforce for organisation success and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • People growing in emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, adaptability, and creativity.