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Real Time Enhancements’ Mission

Our mission of highest intention is for WELLBEING and quality HUMAN CONNECTION to be AS fundamental to life, AS all other BASIC NEEDS.

Real Time Enhancements’ Vision

One small step at a time,  ‘creating environments’ that create better futures for life.

With ongoing practice, the personal capacity to adapt and move with purpose, confidence, clarity and  influence, unfolds.

In the face of the ever changing and unfolding that occurs in each  situation, workplace, organisation, community, having a sense of how to thrive both personally and as a whole is the key. 

Through the SOE self: the self that nurtures and treats itself well, for the better good of the self, others and earth, success, human connection and wellbeing CAN go hand in hand.

We help inspire & build the capacity

Growing capacity over time, is the key contributor to improving wellbeing, also thriving in life today.


Challenges and ‘hold-ups’ will arrive (at work, home and on the life front) AND in those moments it DOESN’T feel like wellbeing and, the things you are striving for, seem further away!

When you have some simple tools, to better approach the challenges and hold-ups, you are more ready and able to shift from ‘being out of sorts’ to ‘on top of things’; to feel better, to do better, work and collaborate together and move with confidence and purpose towards your vision.

WORKPLACE / ORGANISATION  Wellbeing Human Connection Resilience

Growing personal capacity is a key step towards growing the workplace and organisation wellbeing, connection and resilience.

Why? It places people in a better state to open up and be willing, ready and able to work together on the collaborative vision and approach.

Each person plays an important role and when the mindset is open, the capacity to break away from old patterns and cycles of operating, more able.

With this healthy DISRUPTION to unhelpful ways, comes the gateway to the creative, supportive, caring, innovative, thriving landscape needed for healthy and successful outcomes.

Discover ‘how’ – the methodology – that disrupts the cycle and drives the Values and Visions of the organisation in the day to day walk, talk and actions.


Tricia is a mother, grandmother of 3 young boys, who loves the simple things in life: Family, food, fun and being active, meeting new people, experiencing new things and new places.

Tricia started her career combining her passion for fitness and love for teaching, at TAFESA in Fitness leadership.

With a natural passion for relationships and wellbeing, she extended her involvement into personal workplace and organisational counselling and coaching.

In 2013 she established Real Time Enhancements as the platform for the online wellbeing programs she designed and developed.

Real Time Enhancements has now expanded and she, together with others in the team who support the same mission and vision, provide services and workshops for ‘creating wellbeing environments’.

Read Tricia’s story here. 

Meet other Facilitators (trained in The Vision Web® process) 

The Vision Web® Facilitators, are highly skilled facilitators, trainers, and wellbeing and human connection advocates and practitioners, with an abundance of personal experience and knowledge in moving towards successful outcomes using processes that keep humanity and the naturally unfolding environment, at the forefront.

Kyla Young 

Facilitator Vision Web® Workshops and Workplace sessions 

Kyla has a vast 20 years of experience in leadership, coaching and is qualified as a Health and Wellbeing Coach. She is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to discover new ways to nurture their growing potential. Her honesty and integrity, coupled with her sound decision making and exceptional communication skills, provides clients with a safe yet thought provoking spring board to advance in their development.

Kyla is trained as a Harrison Assessment coach and is able to provide in-depth career guidance to individuals. Her broad experience across sectors such as corporate, private businesses, schools, universities, VET & TAFE gives her a high level of consultation.

In the more recent years, Kyla has been able to live and breathe a true balance in life and enjoys being present in everything she does. She delights in being with her family and friends and takes time to recharge by the ocean with her dog. This has given her the ability to trust in the process of accepting what is.  This understanding of how to live life without restriction is pivotable in why she strongly believes in the power of the Vision Web as a vehicle to be able to navigate living in our modern world.

Kay MacKenzie

Kay is an industry role model, with over 40 years’ experience as a lecturer, trainer and mentor, both State and Nationally. She has several aerobic titles, coached at a world level and was a company director and fitness director of the Perfect Fit Health Centre’s.

Kay is a former Fitness Leader of the year, recipient of Recreation SA Lifetime Achievement award and is the SA Network Ambassador. Kay’s classes, which she still continues to teach, are legendary!

Her mission is to inspire and motivate people of all ages to embrace and participate in fitness activities by demonstrating that physical and mental agility can be achieved irrespective of age.

He vision is to enhance the lives of people.

And her passion for helping and her ability to relate to people across all demographics, sees this vision come to life though the many roles she plays in the community that includes Education and Training Officer for Active Ageing Australia.

Kay is a valued facilitator of some key workshops and services with Real Time Enhancement. Her years of experience coupled with her fun and engaging style has participants in safe hands.