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Our Vision 

A heart-shaped world, where people follow their heart ‘in all moments’ – Caring for Self, Others and Environment.

Our Mission

Heart by heart, moment by moment, in real time.

Our Purpose

Develop and deliver approaches which can help everyone shift to

i) heart-based choices in each moment and

ii) behaviours to improve the quality of living for all.

Our Values

Heart-based Living, Learning and Life decisions.

Our Principles

Real Time Heart-Based principles bring empowerment and the freedom to be the best version of ourselves, in real time, towards a heart-based global community. These principles:

  • provide for a caring supportive approach to self, others, organisation and environment
  • build the adaptive capacity, and pathways, for uncertain futures
  • empower people to be creative and organisations to innovate
  • have a positive ongoing effect on wellbeing
  • influence the nature of behaviours and decision making, in real time
  • move the organisation towards best practice and simplified compliance
  • incorporate a heart-felt approach

Our Ethos

Real Time Enhancements Pty Ltd has the vision of creating a heart-shaped world through: growing community spirit.

This is achieved through

  1. Real time heart-based (RTHB) Community Projects where people donate their time and talents in a way that is meaningful to them, to help others. There is no pressure or expectation to contribute, just when people feel that they can. The outcome speaks for itself e.g. Knit a Care Square project produced 59 blankets in 2017, in 2019 this was 400 and in 2020, with 100’s of knitters and darners, over 18,000 squares and 400 blankets have already created and donated to those in need.

    The RTHB Community Online via zoom is another project, where volunteers donate their time and gifts via zoom for the wellbeing of others, for a small amount of time each week (eg 30-60mins a week).

    RTHB Community Projects is about human contributions, for the community, by the community and as a result the financial cost is minimal and sustainable.

  2. Real time heart-based Programs – for organisations/employees/individuals – supports the vision by awakening the heart, the caring for self, others and environment and supporting a rewrite to a heartful way of life.Revenue from these programs, is used to develop, support and sustain the resources (people/IT Platform etc) worldwide, for:
    a) RTHB Community Projects
    b) RTHB Programs

Our Opportunities Offering

We know that we cannot achieve our vision of a heart-shaped world without the engagement of dedicated people, globally, which we are working on currently.

  • We offer opportunities to continually learn, grow, practice and make RTHB a way of life, to live every moment, led by your heart,.

To find out more about our community projects and opportunities including how to contribute and get involved,  click here.  

To find out more about our advocates around the world and how to become involved, click here.


There’s no denying, the rate and scale of change unfolding in the world, has an impact on people’s lives and the future direction of organisations.

Evidence shows that mental, physical, social and psychological health and wellbeing of people and organisations is being affected.

As these unfolding complexities increase, the challenge for organisations, is in finding more time and sensitivity to address real issues, in real time. To genuinely flourish in this climate, a relook at the ‘how’ is needed.

What is the real pathway to building an ongoing capacity to respond and adapt,  thrive and grow?

Asking this question has led us to develop this future based, Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) approach, that extends beyond the traditional and current methods.

Real Time Heart-Based, shifts engagement from the usual 21st century ‘traps and spirals’ to a specially designed personal improvement  as an ongoing practice in all aspects of living and work for life. It is available for any person or organisation. Additionally our RTHB Personal Improvement Program is compatible with current, recognised improvement cycles used in many organisations.

So how does this happen?

Starting from where you are, the movement begins from your current situation – right here, right now.


Tricia La Bella, Director

Tricia, a past Aerobics Champion, comes with 25 years of experience in the development and delivery of fitness and leadership courses. As a cancer survivor, Tricia wondered why it took cancer to ‘feel’ the real want to ‘live’. Her yearning to discover what it takes to ‘wake up’ before the ‘Mack Truck’ has united her personal passion and professional experience and formal studies, a Diploma of Positive Psychology / Fitness / Teaching and a Graduate Diploma in Social Science, to design, develop and deliver wellbeing and personal empowerment courses and community focused projects.

Nigel Stedman, Director 

Nigel completed a Masters of International and Community Development which inspired him to make more of a difference in our world. He comes with extensive experience having worked with over 500 organisations world-wide, he can instinctively ‘feel’ the nature and culture of an organisation, and through extensive understanding of best practice assimilates the complexities and identifies issues that matter for sustainability, viability and compliance. Nigel has designed many frameworks and approaches to help organisations improve, harness the creativity and potential of their employees and deliver value to key stakeholders