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Our Vision 

A heart-shaped world, where people follow their heart ‘in all moments’ – Self, Others and Environment.

Our Mission

Heart by heart, moment by moment, in real time.

Our Purpose

Develop and deliver approaches which can help everyone shift to

i) heart-based choices in each moment and

ii) behaviours to improve the quality of living for all.

Our Values

Heart-based Living, Learning and Life decisions.

Our Principles

Real Time Heart-Based principles bring empowerment and the freedom to be the best version of ourselves, in real time, towards a heart-based global community. These principles:

  • provide for a caring supportive ‘no-harm’ approach to self, others, organisation and environment
  • build the adaptive capacity, and pathways, for uncertain futures
  • bring an ‘authentic heart-based’ continual growth cycle, that moves people and the organisation, to become the best versions of themselves
  • empower people to be creative and organisations to innovate
  • have a positive ongoing effect on wellbeing
  • influence the nature of behaviours and decision making, in real time
  • move the organisation towards best practice and simplified compliance
  • incorporate a heart-felt approach

Our Opportunities Offering

We know that we cannot achieve our vision of a heart-shaped world without the engagement of dedicated people, globally, which we are working on currently.

  • We offer opportunities to continually learn, grow, practice and make RTHB a way of life. To live every moment, led by your heart, using the RTHB Growth Cycle can lead to all sorts of opportunities emerging, at work, at home and in the community. This way, you can care for yourself, others and the environment

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There’s no denying, the rate and scale of change unfolding in the world, has an impact on people’s lives and the future direction of organisations.

Evidence shows that mental, physical, social and psychological health and wellbeing of people and organisations is being affected.

As these unfolding complexities increase, the challenge for organisations, is in finding more time and sensitivity to address real issues, in real time. To genuinely flourish in this climate, a relook at the ‘how’ is needed.

What is the real pathway to building an ongoing capacity to respond and adapt,  thrive and grow?

Asking this question has led us to develop this future based, Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) approach, that extends beyond the traditional and current methods.

Real Time Heart-Based, shifts engagement from the usual 21st century ‘traps and spirals’ to a specially designed continuous learning, growth and improvement cycle as an ongoing practice in all aspects of living and work for life. It is available for any person or organisation. Additionally our RTHB Growth Cycle is compatible with current, recognised improvement cycles used in many organisations.

So how does this happen?

Starting from where you are, the movement begins from your current situation – right here, right now.