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Real Time Enhancements’ Mission

Our mission of highest intention is for WELLBEING to be AS fundamental to life, AS all other BASIC NEEDS.

Real Time Enhancements’ Vision

To lead the way in ‘creating wellbeing environments’.

To affirm a flexible and organic approach, that empowers each person to create wellbeing, as things unfold within their situation, workplace, organisation, community.

We build the skills and capacity for Personal Wellbeing and Resilience

Growing in personal resilience is a key contributor to not only improving wellbeing, also thriving in life today.


Challenges and ‘hold-ups’ will arrive (at work, home and on the life front) AND in those moments it DOESN’T feel like wellbeing and, the things you are striving for, seem further away!

When you have some simple resilience tools, to better approach the challenges and hold-ups, you are more ready and able to shift from ‘being out of sorts’ to ‘on top of things’; to feel better, to do better and move towards your visions.

We bring a simple yet effective toolbox, using the name PATIENCE ™ (an acronym) as an easy access trigger.

With the most current wellbeing and resilience research at our finger tips, we bring effective tools under each of these topics: Perspectives, Attention, Thoughts, Intention, Emotions, Nonsense, Communication and Escape.

While the definition of PATIENCE brings a powerful message, ‘the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious’, it is the tools throughout this PATIENCEÔworkshop / program, that shows how it is possible.

PATIENCE and other workshops / programs (BREATHE) are tailored to suit your workplace / organisation / group needs.

We build the skills and capacity for Workplace / Organisation Wellbeing and Resilience

Personal resilience is a key factor in improving wellbeing and doing better in your workplace, home, life.

Taking care of you (your physical body, mind and spirit) forms an important part of this development.

While taking care of you, is vital for building resilience in your ‘Human Body’, we know you do not stand alone in your work, family and life environment.

So how can this wellbeing and resilience extend into the workplace, home and community?

Using what we know from a ‘personal’ resilience approach, we show how it is possible to also build and grow a wellbeing and resilient approach in the ‘Workplace / Family Body’.

You need not be alone in the journey to wellbeing and resilience and by using this simple whole system approach, the benefits are far reaching.

Join us in discovering how.

Creating Wellbeing Environments and other workshop / programs are tailored to suit your workplace / organisation / group needs.

We bring services to your workplace / business / organisation / school / staff / community, with our wellbeing and resilience programs / workshops / presentations.    


Tricia is a mother, grandmother of 3 young boys, who loves the simple things in life: Family, food, fun and being active, meeting new people, experiencing new things and new places.

Tricia started her career combining her passion for fitness and love for teaching, at TAFESA in Fitness leadership.

With a natural passion for relationships and wellbeing, she extended her involvement into personal workplace and organisational counselling and coaching.

In 2013 she established Real Time Enhancements as the platform for the online wellbeing programs she designed and developed.

Real Time Enhancements has now expanded and she, together with others in the team who support the same mission and vision, provide services and workshops for ‘creating wellbeing environments’.

Read Tricia’s story here. 


  • Diploma of Teaching, (Major Psychology), Hartley CAE, SA
  • Diploma of Fitness, TAFESA
  • Graduate Diploma of Social Science, (Health Counselling), UNISA
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAFESA
  • Diploma of Life Coaching, (Health and Wellness), LCI Australia
  • Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, The Langley Group Institute

Meet others in the team

ALL of our team members hold true, the qualities and mindsets highly valued and upheld by Real Time Enhancements.

The KEEP MOVING LIFESTYLE ‘arm’ of Real Time Enhancements

The Keep Moving Lifestyle team are highly qualified with extensive experience in their area of expertise.

You will see more of them through our Facebook group (Keep Moving Lifestyle) and on our program videos and relevant workshops.

It is with absolute pleasure that we welcome you to the Keep Moving Lifestyle team.

Kay MacKenzie

Kay is an industry role model, with over 40 years’ experience as a lecturer, trainer and mentor, both State and Nationally. She has several aerobic titles, coached at a world level and was a company director and fitness director of the Perfect Fit Health Centre’s.

Kay is a former Fitness Leader of the year, recipient of Recreation SA Lifetime Achievement award and is the SA Network Ambassador. Kay’s classes, which she still continues to teach, are legendary!

Her mission is to inspire and motivate people of all ages to embrace and participate in fitness activities by demonstrating that physical and mental agility can be achieved irrespective of age.

He vision is to enhance the lives of people.

And her passion for helping and her ability to relate to people across all demographics, sees this vision come to life though the many roles she plays in the community that includes Education and Training Officer for Active Ageing Australia.

Kay is a valued facilitator of some key workshops and services with Real Time Enhancement. Her years of experience coupled with her fun and engaging style has participants in safe hands.

Melanie Smith

With a background in education, health promotion, counselling and fitness Melanie joined the physical activity movement in 1980 and never left.

Melanie is an internationally qualified Pilates teacher and is passionate about the power of Pilates to enhance strength, mobility, stamina and so much more!

Melanie has worked in senior leadership roles as advocate, policy advisor, program developer, project manager and researcher for national and state governments, for the non-government and charity sectors and as a consultant. Melanie and has authored more than 50 health promotion and physical education programs, resources and papers for the recreation, health, sport, and fitness sectors.

While still involved with health promotion in organisations, she brings Pilates to the community through Core and More Pilates. 

She is delighted to join the Keep Moving Lifestyle team and to be able to support more people to enjoy moving for life.

Kevin Littler

Kevin is an experienced physiotherapist and personal trainer, whose main passion is helping others improve their physical health and fitness so that people are only limited by what they want to do rather than what they can do.  Living by the mantra “Do whatever you can with whatever you have got”, he believes that whether you are bed-bound or an elite athlete, everyone CAN do something today that helps them get closer to where they want to be physically, or if you are in a happy place physically then there is something you can do today to keep you there!

Being an accredited nutrition coach as well, he is qualified to not only help you make improved nutrition choices but more importantly help you find ways of eating better that you feel you can do forever.

Acknowledging he can only help a limited number of people live healthier, more satisfying lives, he now spends lot of his time teaching the next generation of fitness leaders – knowing that he can influence the health and happiness of many more people through his past students than he can alone. But he still finds time to help individuals find their ideal lifestyle through customfitphysio.com.

When not helping others to live healthy lives or teaching he can usually be found running after his five active children – who in turn are his greatest teachers in life.

Lauren Green Gerace

Lauren is a Yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, a wife, and a doggy mum to her two fur babies. A competitive gymnast and sport aerobic competitor growing up, Lauren has always found personal enjoyment and fulfilment in movement. Beginning her fitness career in 2004, she loves teaching a wide variety of group exercise classes ranging from Aerobics to HIIT, Barre and Aqua.

Lauren is passionate about the mind body connection in our fast paced society and adores inspiring her participants with Yoga, ChiBall and Mind Body classes. She truly believes that Yoga and mind body practices are a useful way to bring balance to the mind and body, and help with tuning into your true self.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices can help you deal with adversity, and build up your physical, mental and emotional resilience. No matter what your movement of choice is, keep practicing, if you put in the practice, the more benefits you will feel as a result.

Lauren’s mantra is that movement is for EVERYbody and she loves to ensure her classes are fun, challenging and inclusive for all individuals.

Lauren is also a keen mentor and presenter to other fitness instructors, and enjoys empowering them to find their own mind body potential.