Vision Web 10 What are you committed to?

‘When the path is charming, commitment is effortless and is part of your nature.” Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

What are you committed to?

Your ability to commit is what drives action.

‘Without commitment, nothings happens’. T.D.Jakes.

Many qualities come into play: tenacity, endurance, persistence, determination, drive.

It takes effort.

Now just imagine this situation. 

You have committed; you have given a lot of your time and energy, only to find your investment dampened your body, mind, relationships, projects, goals, your spirit.

ALL that effort, then something unexpected arrives; the illness, stress, marriage collapse, job loss, depression.

Not the reward you may have expected for your effort.

While commitment drives movement and has many benefits, the way we have come to interpret commitment, has affected our approach.

Commitment that removes our time or ‘eyes’ for the ‘soft and subtle’ insights around you, may not bring the whole picture.

So, in your ‘full steam ahead’ approach, it is helpful to regularly check in; to determine whether the direction you are heading in, is actually on a worthy track.

When commitment is too isolating, with a ‘head down, bum up’ approach, what lies outside, may be dimmed.

So how do you ‘check in’ under these conditions?

Just by ‘reviewing’ the concept around commitment, may open the door to consciously lift your head and peer outside to glimpse with clearer eyes from time to time to time.

A simple checking in, can break the cycle of mindless and enable you to notice what you’re doing.

If you discover things ‘aren’t’ what you thought, new doors and possibilities can open up.

AND let’s face it, we have lots of things we are actually committed to, and it is a complex juggling act!

 So, don’t be hard on yourself if you feel your commitment change.

In many instances, commitments are in opposition to each other.

You may be committed to achieve a work task that changes your health and wellbeing commitments on some days, weeks, months.

You may be committed to being creative in your work that changes your output commitments on some days, weeks, months.

You may be committed to taking more time to care for yourself that changes your commitment to helping others on some days, weeks, months.

So the question is; are committed or not?

Commitment may not always look like commitment on some days.

Commitment may not always be visible.

People may be quick to say ‘you’re not committed’ which is not the actual situation and may lead to frustration or other uncomfortable emotions.

The truth be known, it may be more that your time, effort and approach is not aligned with those of others.

However, if the intention is still alive, effort and actions will pop up, and keep you connected to the cause.

That being the case, acknowledge that, be kind and respectful of yourself. It did appear, if only for a moment!

The reality is, you are committed to life, and all that makes up that life is what you’re balancing.

And as you get to know more about you, what you value, love, strive for and desire, the more chance you’ll fine tune the spectrum within it.

And as your intentions also align, the more ‘threads of commitment ‘are likely to be woven throughout days, weeks, months.

Subtle shifts in talk, walk and actions where it matters more.

Every commitment exists on a sliding scale, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Balancing shifts as shifts occur.

So most importantly, be kind.

You can commit to anything within your commitment to life, but you can’t commit to everything.

Cheers Tricia,

The Vision Web process helps you check in AND be kind. 









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