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22:44 Our Hidden Gift

The strategies in your book have helped me greatly to see things from a different light and I am able to get myself out of the little life traps more easily.


I am a member of a Book Club and I went along on Thursday night. The book we discussed was called "22.44,Our Hidden Gift'' The Author Tricia L. La Bella was there too and I found her to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.  This book is really worth reading, as we all know some books are hard to get into, but this one just flows like honey. You find it hard to put it down. Excellent job.


Tricia - thank you. I am finding your book life changing. I have realised that the past nine years of my life - I have faced crises after crises and nothing has changed. I have gone back over and over to just the way things were before. Reading your words, made me realise why the Universe has kept sending me larger and larger messages - yet I still hadn't got it. But ......... your words have given me inspiration. Ivan (hubby) and I are celebrating 25 years together this weekend. We married in March, but got together in September and this is very special. It is also our line in the sand position. We are getting away for a few days just the two of us and are planning to start again. For the next 25 years. Thank you for the book.... it is an amazing life lesson. Well done.


Doing Tricia’s course was absolutely engaging!  It was like someone was turning the dimmer switch brighter and brighter.

I now embrace each day as it comes, listen to my body and my mind whilst recognising the opportunities that create organic moments.

Meredith Knowler, Manager, Infrastructure, Planning & Improvement, SA.

Vision Web showed me how I can create my best environment in a proactive way.

Thank you.

Lois, Cancer Care Centre.

I now have self belief that has given me the ability to “think big” when it comes to my business, which I couldn't have done without these amazing tools.

Belinda Wucsko, Senior Account Executive, SA State Government Enterprise & Services.

How do I start? is often my dilemma. With the Vision Web tool, I can now recognise my starting point and simple next steps.

Marie DeRosa, Banking Management.

Tricia brought an inspiring session to Personal Trainers, exploring how a  client’s ‘why’, can help shape effective motivation for achieving fitness goals.

Jenny Borlase, Recreation SA.

The ‘Creating a Well-being Environment' workshop has been an instant success at our salon. Our team have been given potentially life changing strategies to achieve, grow and maintain a strong well-being environment, wherever we are. For the workplace, these skills are incredibly valuable for building a happy workplace environment, for increasing staff productivity and efficiency, and for overall team morale.
The facilitator, Tricia, has the remarkable ability to quickly establish a rapport and put people at ease, allowing them to open up to the concepts of well-being, and truly engage in the workshop.
Would 100% recommend Tricia to any workplace looking to build and maintain a positive team culture!

Blow its a hair thing

Sometimes all you need is a pair of “fresh eyes”. When you’re too close to a company or campaign, you can’t see where the issues or gaps are. Having someone who’s not in that business, but trained to assess situations and offer solutions could be one of the best business decisions. Tricia is great with people, and like the company name, she is real. I love her style and authenticity. She is refreshing and genuinely cares about helping people and businesses to prosper.

Angela Seneca, Senior Marketing Strategist. 

The toolkit, with approaches to tackle issues that you supplied the workplace, was extremely helpful and should be available to every employer and employee.

Victoria, Planning & Design Manager, Dechellis Homes.