Corona Virus (Covid19 – An heart-based alternative to stimulus and debt.

We are concerned that governments around the world are using a similar stimulus response to the GFC. This is a human crisis and requires a human heart-based solution. Due to the lack of movement of people/products/services globally. people are anxious and concerned about what is going to happen, their loved ones, their job security, how to afford all the essential human needs and many are also seeing their pensions decimated by a falling sharemarket. The current USD$8trillion stimulus will only create more debt around the world and will not solve the problem as people are unlikely to spend except for essentials.

There is an alternative. We recommend freezing money and sharemarkets and providing everyone with essential human needs for FREE (incl. food, utilities, homeloan/rent, internet/mobile, education/child care, healthcare). This can be achieved by asking the supply chain to donate during this time of crisis (eg oil, gas, services). With essential human needs being free, people will not be so anxious and can instead focus on caring for themselves and others. Organisations and people can be repurposed for the new now and future. In 2021 when we are through this crisis, we will be ready, strong, developed and with innovative solutions to meet the challenges that comes after all this. Our governments will be able to kick start the world economies by using the money saved during this time. This heart-based approach in this time will provide kindness for all, with people’s skills/gifts being donated for the benefit of others.

This crisis will change people’s experience, wants and needs and so the most important thing to do is to use any free time caring for others and developing our people to be the best they can be , Heart/mind/body/spirit.  This will also ensure those worse off in our communities have equal free access to all the essential human needs  We can ask all to not be paid as what use is money? We can get through all this as we will be focusing on what we can do now for the future. The ripple effect of free essential human needs will spread through the world and all businesses and communities. We will all be willing to give our time/skills/talents to care for ourselves and others. We will be ready and strong for 2021, beyond the virus… rather than in debt for all time. We need to be heart-led for this time, and visionary.


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