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Real-Time Enhancements focuses on creating environments that have a lasting impact on your organisation.

Through our range of programs and services on offer, we bring fresh eyes and proven tools that safely allow the tough stuff that is often ‘hidden, ignored, damaging’ to transform to helpful insights.

Think about it… how challenging is it to bring out the issues that are stifling things?

And when you do, how often is your voice and insights not considered?

That things seem to go back to the same, nothing changed or moved, despite attempts?

While you may not know how, the ‘stranglehold’  that often blocks progress, actually holds clues to the pathways to thriving and successful outcomes. 

Think about how it might feel to allow this process to unfold in your organisation, rather than be stifled by the usual blocks?

Ask yourself will things change, if the usual cycles and patterns are not challenged?

Designed specifically to enhance collaboration and achieve a productive and sustainable ecosystem within your workplace, our professional development solutions explain and teach the fundamental techniques of high-performing teams the world-over.

Ask yourself, what is the greatest resource and enablers of progress and success?

Ask, where the investment is needed? 

We believe that a system and approach that values the whole person, builds human connections,  and utilises all the resources within the environment, enjoys wellbeing as a bi-product.

Real Time Enhancements is the founder of the unique Vision Web® process that brings about change and outcomes, while building wellbeing and great people along the way.


What the Vision Web has done for me.

An introduction is available to view or bring to your workplace / organisation.  

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Wellbeing Foundations PRESENTATION (Personal wellbeing)

Expect this presentation to inspire and enhance your ‘personal wellbeing environment’.

  • Explore how to select what is relevant in your wellbeing approach.
  • Explore the how of personal resilience plays a role in wellbeing & personal success.
  • Listen to personal stories behind some key research finding.
  • Experience simple techniques that can be added to your personal toolkit in a moment.

A take home ‘keepsake’ as a reminder of the strategy introduced.

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The PowerPack COURSE  (Wellbeing and Resilience) 

We introduce and share the path to creating a system that builds an environment of success, human connection and wellbeing in your organisation / workplace.

You’ll experience how to bring some basic yet key things together to achieve the results you are searching for.

Discover the transformative ability of the Vision Web® methodology to achieve results and path the way for ongoing commitment, beyond the delivery of the session.

Create pathways that work for you and is owned you and your team.

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The DeepDive WORKSHOP (Creating the culture change)

We FACILITATE the creation of the systems that lead to broader shifts in culture,  specifically for your organisation, using the Vision Web process.

The Vision Web is a process that easily transitions from what is happening in the workplace, to where opportunities for people to work purposefully, thrive with relationships and utilise the whole workplace environment to achieve the the visions, values and outcomes.

The Vision Web approach supports the subtle and ongoing shift towards a wellbeing ecosystem.

  • ESTABLISH the Collaborative Wellbeing Vision
  • CREATE a vision pathway for action & steps to achieve a wellbeing ecosystem.
  • LEARN the wellbeing rationale behind each step of the wellbeing tool, the Vision Web.
  • ENGAGE in activities that foster new approaches to everyday skills.
  • RECEIVE take home material to capture the process for ongoing use.
  • RECEIVE a unique ongoing measuring tool that unites the team through real connection.

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Your In- house PROGRAM  (Culture transition, training and coaching)

We FACILITATE the Vision Web process to engage the whole work team and shape next steps together.

We tailor the  TRANSITION and kick-start the day to day movement so it is can be driven and lead by the team for the team.

Tailored workshops / Personal coaching / Facilitate group processes

  • Program Hours: From 36 hours (for all stages of the program)
  • Program Duration: from 3 months to 12 months
  • Program Reporting: to meet organisation needs

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Tailored service

DESIGNED specifically for your organisation.

Select: workshops, presentations, service, hours and duration.

Create: a program to meet your needs and current situation.

Price negotiated.