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Real-Time Enhancements are focused on creating wellbeing environments, that leave a lasting impact on your organisation.

Through our range of programs and services on offer, we bring fresh eyes and proven tools to tackle the tough stuff with your team. Designed specifically to enhance collaboration and reinforce a productive ecosystem within your workplace, our professional development solutions explain and teach the fundamental techniques of high-performing teams the world-over.


The power to influence & cultivate wellbeing environments

  • Personal stories shared for powerful wellbeing messages
  • Personalised reference to the specific wellbeing challenges faced by the organisation (if requested).
  • Reference to the latest research on wellbeing.
  • Interactive engagement for maximum connection.
  • Introduction to a personal resilience approach to wellbeing.

A take home ‘keepsake’ as an ongoing reminder for days to follow.

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Professional Development Day

FACILITATION of a wellbeing process, strategies & skills to create, grow & MAINTAIN a wellbeing environment in YOURorganisation

  • ESTABLISH the Collaborative Wellbeing Vision
  • CREATE a vision pathway for action & steps to achieve a wellbeing ecosystem.
  • LEARN the wellbeing rationale behind each step of the wellbeing tool, the Vision Web.
  • ENGAGE in activities that foster new approaches to everyday skills.
  • RECEIVE take home material to capture the process for ongoing use.
  • RECEIVE a unique ongoing measuring tool that unites the team through real connection.

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IN house Program

FACILITATION of the Professional Development Day

With all inclusions (as above).


Tailored workshops / Personal coaching / Facilitate group processes

  • Program Hours: From 36 hours (for all stages of the program)
  • Program Duration: from 3 months to 12 months
  • Program Reporting: to meet organisation needs

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Tailored service

DESIGNED specifically for your organisation.

Select: workshops, presentations, service, hours and duration.

Create: a program to meet your needs and current situation.

Price negotiated.