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Morning cooking with Desak

In this unprecedented time of COVID19; in our life or business, we will need to adapt and make some necessary changes whether to the way we do things to the things we eat.

Eastern diet is simple and fresh, also very low budget to create. I would like to trial live-streaming cooking Balinese dishes using Bali In A Jar and basic pantry.

There is no need to not eat tasty, healthy and inexpensive during this time. In fact this is the time to make the shift so you can build your immune and wellbeing.

I’m very much giving away basic pantry at the moment so people can have it before they join our cook together session.

You can order the jars on line and have them ready to prepare so many meals and we can have learning together. I have so many other general cooking tips to offer as well.

For many of you will already have the jars in stock.

Let’s enjoy this time together… #adaptation.

Saturday morning 10:30 – 11:30am

The zoom ID for the session is