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Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB)

Growing the ‘how’ for a heart-shaped world


The Corona Virus has created uncertainty and anxiety and the time is now to become part of a more caring world.

We have the ideas and vision to help organisations keep moving forward and prepare/adapt to the ‘new’ now and future.

Contact us to discuss further by video conference (zoom) or phone.

Our interactive workshop and approach to lead with their hearts and overcome past non serving conditioned approaches.

No matter where you are currently located.

We deliver charitable services to communities to help improve the quality of life for all.



Real Time Heart-Based Growth Cycle is for everyone. We are facing challenging times and we are discovering that the pathway to move forward in amongst it all is bringing care and love for ourselves and others. Now is the time to discover something simple to bring to real fulfilment.

Small Business, Organisations, Employees

Discover how the RTHB Growth Cycle applies to organisations too. See the shift in leadership and organisational structures moving forward in the world after the impact of Corona Virus. Simple and possible for any organisation with our flexible and visible approaches.

Community Projects

Our community projects are aimed at growing the human spirit by pulling together to help others. We have online community connections and projects and we’d love to hear about yours. This is a time to bring community together. You can even join in with zoom with Desak (Bali in a Jar).

Benefits over time

Evidence shows that moments in touch with the heart, brings so many benefits; cognitive, psychological, emotional, physiological and physical benefits, all of which contribute to wellbeing, performance and engagement.  (Heart Math Institute explains)

Other benefits which flow from our professional services include:

  • People becoming more aware, being able to express their true feelings more often and feeling better about themselves and their lives.
  • A more empowered and contributing workforce for organisation success and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • People growing in emotional intelligence, self-empowerment, adaptability, and creativity.

About Desak

Desak Yoni, Indonesia / Australia Advocate

Desak Yoni was born in a small village north of Ubud. With a dream for a full life, she forged her way to new horizons, travelling the world and settling in Australia.

With 2 children, she pursued her education (A Masters degree in International Business from New Castle University, NSW) while building a successful restaurant and balancing her connections to family and friends in Bali.

She is an author and an advocate for the real time heart-based approach… where women and all people become who they are and share those gifts with others freely and with joy.

She is now combining her passion for food and community, through her product Bali in a Jar, which brings people the wonderful taste of Bali, while financially supporting her family and other communities in Indonesia.

As well as this, Desak shares provides support through her business Samsara Coaching. 

Contact Desak to discover more of what she does and how to bring the RTHB Growth Cycle to your work, community, life.




We enjoy sharing our views through stories and experiences. Our blogs reflect our personal encounters and unfolding views and thoughts on a range of professional, community and wellbeing topics.



We are growing our products that are uniquely developed and reflect our mission and vision. Currently small books are available.



We enjoy growing connections with organisations, businesses and workplaces that support the wellbeing mission. Thank you to you all.