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Welcome, it is great that you are seeking a journey towards further discovering your heart and personal growth. We have shown more details about the services designed for you below:

We conduct Personal One on One sessions which will enable you to commence your own personal learning, growth and improvement cycle towards your near and longer-term personal vision for yourself.  Our approach will assist you in getting to know your whole self, build self- empowerment and become the best version of yourself.

We bring an online (RTHB) workshop designed to help you become the best version of yourself during a continuous cycle of learning and improvement.

You will learn about behaviours, senses and personal narratives in your journey towards your future vision.

Prior to commencement of the online workshop, you will undertake an online assessment  designed to capture and report on your status (current position) and progress in relation to the RTHB learning, growth and improvement cycle. The assessment tool design provides a diagnostic and stratified view to enable a targeted approach to address what arises.

An annual assessment (that maintains your ongoing access to all workshop and other materials) is recommended as support for the ongoing learning, growth and improvement cycle for life.

The following may help you decide: 

  • You wish to work on learning, growing and improving in finding your heart to become the best version of yourself.
  • You wish to express your true feelings more often.
  • You wish to grow your own emotional intelligence, self-empowerment and/or creativity, be vital and thrive.
  • You wish to feel better about yourself and your life.
  • You wish to respond from your heart in all moments in real time so that you have no regrets.

Contact us below for more about this.