Offering a dynamic, values-based approach to governance   2020-03-13T14:28:14+00:00


We can assist in establishing an effective approach to governance to help your organisation shape and sustain its vision, mission, purpose and values, to measure what matters, to identify and respond to the ongoing needs of stakeholders and be more dynamic, timely and values-driven.

The following may help you decide whether this is a relevant service: 

  • You are looking to refresh your organisation’s approach to governance so it is more dynamic and values-based.
  • You wish governance contributed more to the organisation and rather than over-controlling or creating bureaucracy.
  • You wish the makeup of the board provided the skills and advice needed for the organisation.
  • You wish the board better understood the products/services/activities of the organisation.
  • You wish the board led by example and empowered rather than controlled.

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