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The TOOL KIT. Development activities

This TOOL KIT provides a range of activities designed to develop skills and practices that bring healthy human connection and wellbeing for the self,  family, work and business life. Every tool has a specific purpose. The tools in this TOOL KIT are designed to draw upon, when throughout your day, you identify the value or need for developing in that specific area. This tool kit is NOT A PROGRAM. Rather a go to place, when the desire or want or curiosity arrives. As new tools are developed, we will add to the TOOL KIT.

These tools are freely available.

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Personal Vision Creation 

Based on the Vision Web® methodology, this on line program, brings videos and insights around the mindsets that underpin this process.

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PATIENCE a mind and resilience approach

P Perspective A Attention T Thoughts I Intention E Emotions N Nonsense C Communication E Escape

A journey and quick approach to movement from being trapped and towards better futures.

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