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BREATHE for Life – Wellbeing

This a journey through the BREATHE acronym where each letter brings an action strategy that may be helpful in the day to day moments when steered off course or for prevention. The content is designed to have you discover more options and choices that can make a real difference. Questions and activities cover an array of topics; what is helpful when negative emotions take over, who is helpful for your specific needs, what information is helpful for your needs, what can lead to the next step, what is your ever reliable?

With each letter, there will be a short video where Tricia LaBella summarises the content. A booklet to download and read brings more discussion. The exercises are also to download and engage. Through the activities and reflection, enjoy any new insights and helpful findings. Keep them close by in your BREATHE TOOLBOX (ready in the moment you need it most).

BREATHE: you’ll explore your own emotions

what do you do when you’re stressed?

eat more, sleep more restless, stop the usual things you love to do, retreat from others?

what if you knew yourself more and become one step ahead of yourself, ready to steer yourself with what actually works to make better choices for your wellbeing?

REGROUP:  you’ll explore your own needs, wants and loves

what do you need to bring the things you enjoy, are passionate about and are helpful to your life?

more experiences, support from others, time to connect, ideas and suggestions, to remember…

what if you could work through some simple steps to help this become clearer and recognise who and where to seek what you need so you can begin to create something better for your life and wellbeing?

EMPOWERMENT:  you’ll explore resources available to you

what resources, strategies and information will be helpful to empower you and assist with better decision making and choices around what you really want, value and are passionate about?

a reliable website, better tools for decision making, how to recognise sources of information, how to let go of what may be getting in the way?

what if you could begin to recognise how to do this in a way that works for you and you feel comfortable with so you can become the person you are visioning for yourself?

ACTION:  you’ll explore the specifics of taking action with things you choose to make a difference

what things are stopping you from stepping into the things that you vision for yourself?

lack of time, too busy at work, no energy, too many distractions, lack of direction

what if you discovered simple, easy can do steps and approaches to keep you moving towards doing what really works to feel better and embrace life with more balance and wellbeing?

TESTING TIMES: you’ll explore tips and strategies to keep you motivated when things feel even harder to do 

what things do you find lessen your motivation and drive; conflict, pain, uncertainty, emotional things like grief, fear…

what if you explore and discover your own helpful approaches that work for you personally to motivate and guide you during tough times?

HEALED:  you’ll take the time to see the self that is emerging during this process and how to bring that self to your life situation

what things have become more known to you; your values, your perspectives on life, your goals, the things you want to achieve, your interests…

what if you discover how to recognise this in you – to know and love you – the person you are – and also to find a way to make healthy choices that align with you,feel good for you and your life?

ESCAPE: you’ll explore the power of reflection

with everything you have learned about yourself… you’ll take the time to reflect on the things about you never knew existed or knew were possible…

what if you could discover more about you, your strengths, your purpose, your relationships, what is meaningful to you, how you communicate best, what works best for your body – so that you could apply it and benefit from it for the rest of your life?