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Find the Way – Transform your life

Is a journey that Real Time Enhancements has identified as transformative. The perspectives and activities provide an opportunity to explore more about the unique nature of your existence and discover what that can bring to your life. It is personal and is designed at a pace that allows time to question, test and reflect. It is designed to positively influence your daily life to feel more rewarding.

In each part, you’ll hear from Tricia with a short summary of the content. You’ll be guided to pages in the text (22:44 Our Hidden Gift included with the purchase of the program) that will bring the themes out. There are a range of handouts to read and view that reinforce the theme. The activities are to engage to further connect the themes to you and your life. It is your journey to travel it in ways that feel right for you.

Part 1 – Universal timelines: the wonder of your time on the planet, here and now.

Part 2 – Mind of influence: the capacity and potential of the mind.

Part 3 – Life vision: the clarity when you decide to create.

Part 4 – Human Connection: the gift, when you know how to connect with it.

Part 5 – In the moment: the power of it, when you know how.

Part 6 – Virtues and habits: the gratitude, when you realise your magnitude

Part 7 – Change: the relief, when you know it is possible.

Part 8 – Living it: the potential, when you discover new approaches.