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Keep Moving Lifestyle (KML)

Keep Moving Lifestyle brings a menu of moves that can be scattered into your usual day as another means of increasing physical activity. Each menu brings 5 moves, (physical and mental exercises) to become familiar with. The 5 moves cover lower body, upper body, cardio, posture and lifestyle.

It show ways of including movement into your usual day so it is part of your day rather than an extra to do at the end of your day. The focus is to build energy and motivation to move more overall in all aspects of life.

With each menu, you’ll see a video that explains the move and you’ll receive a downloadable booklet with all the moves (technique tips, movement variations and application ideas).

Real Time Enhancements publishes via a facebook group (Keep Moving Lifestyle) to bring the moves you’ll be introduced to through these menus, to life.

You can talk to us and share your achievements, ask questions or gain a support and motivation. IN that group, we also set different challenges: sometimes you’ll find yourself in the next 21-day challenge, the weekly challenge or the daily challenge. You can follow and join into any of them as they all work towards creating more moving patterns to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to a moving lifestyle. We look forward to meeting you there.

Our current Menu’s available:

Menu 1

  1. Lower body: squats
  2. Upper body: press-ups
  3. Cardio: walk more
  4. Posture: chest up, chin in & down, ch (relax) to make chillax
  5. Lifestyle: pick your own

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Menu 2

  1. Lower body: calf raises
  2. Upper body: back row
  3. Cardio: step ups
  4. Posture: brace abdominals
  5. Lifestyle: magic moments

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Meet the Keep Moving Lifestyle team

We have a team of experienced professionals, passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge to better service and support the wellbeing of the community.

Visit our About Page to learn more about them.


I have found Keep Moving Lifestyle the best tool for me…it motivates me to incorporate exercise into my daily activities wherever I am. Tricia and Kay keep it real and relevant and the activities are fun and varied. It beats going to the gym – I can work out at home, at work, while shopping or even in the car! Keep Moving Lifestyle is my new way of life! 

I look forward to the moves in keep moving lifestyle. These are great reminders to keep active no matter where you are at any time. They have become a natural part of my day. The videos demonstrate good techniques to follow and variations to moves. I can do moves that match my basic skill level.

Thanks Tricia and Kay. You motivate me all the time with keep moving lifestyle.

Keep moving lifestyle is great because it constantly reminds me of the simple exercises that I can do as a part of my normal day, not on top of my normal day.  This allows me to move more often and, as my body recovers more slowly than it used to, provides me alternatives to high impact movements.

Thanks Tricia and Kay, I really enjoy seeing it each morning when I get up to do some exercise before heading to work.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your simple yet creative ways of helping me overcome my fear of movement and for getting me back to the gym , where I now train twice a week and on my own the other days . What your program has enabled me to understand is that movement is extremely important in maintaining health, strength and wellbeing. Living with daily chronic pain and inflammation due to fibromyalgia made me believe that if I didn’t move I’ll be in less pain. Nothing was further from the truth. What I come to realise with your help was that simple, daily exercise with the addition of some light weights have strengthened my body, increased my fitness and reduced my inflammation. Who would have guessed. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.