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Wellbeing and Resilience tools: PATIENCE

In times of uncertainty and challenge, finding your way to living the life you want to feel and experience may not always be clear.

Even when you are clear on your vision and have strong intention to achieve that, it doesn’t always mean you can hop to it.

You may be affected by many factors, some of which include: negative self-talk, memories, feelings, distractions, thinking, perceiving.

This program, will take you through the PATIENCE acronym which brings you some  built-in reminders of many personal powerful strategies to break the cycle, to create a mental shift and action.

Enjoy activities, videos, quotes and more.

This is suitable as a personal development session for community, workplaces, organisations and business settings.

And is often offered to complement the face to face workshop conducted.

Enjoy your journey through the PATIENCE TOOLBOX.

  • P: use other perspectives.
  • A: change focus of attention.
  • T: challenge thoughts.
  • I: know your intention.
  • E: move from negative emotions.
  • N: challenge any nonsense.
  • C: communicate to gain clarity.
  • E: move away to escape.

PATIENCE can be applied at any time in any area AND can make a difference.

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