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Workplace Wellbeing: Managers

WWM is a collection of 7 focus areas Real Time Enhancements has identified as valuable in the building and sustaining of a wellbeing culture and environment. Each topic provides communication and system approaches relevant to day to day functioning that managers can engage to achieve outcomes related to PERMA + (Positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment + exercise, sleep, nutriton) a recognised wellbeing framework (Selligman). It is designed to have managers explore, question, create, test and reflect on how to achieve a flexible, adaptable, sustainable and effective environment for both wellbeing and productive outcomes.

In each part, you’ll hear from Tricia with a short summary of the content. Take the time with each key area, to think about the messages, the questions asked, the teams you are working with, your own skills, qualities and behaviours. Allow time to synthesise your findings. Download the document, and take notes around ideas and strategies around opportunities and issues. Creatively ponder how ideas can healthily be integrated. Use the learning from the program in moving ideas beyond yourself.

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Key area 1 – Developing a team community

Key area 2 – Developing communication & systems within teams

Key area 3 – Developing a problem solving culture

Key area 4 – Developing ideas and a growth mindset

Key area 5 – Developing skills and ongoing learning

Key area 6 – Developing personal and professional qualities

Key area 7 – Developing wellbeing practices