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Other services for organisations

The following services and assist organisations to grow and improve in specific areas.

These include;

Strategic planning: We can help implement a meaningful approach to deliver a living strategic plan relevant to the organisation’s vision, mission, purpose. and values. The process includes the development of a business model, measuring what matters and risk/opportunity management.

Risk management and opportunity creation: We will work with you to create or improve your process based upon ISO31000 and relevant to your organisation. We can help you also to create opportunities from the risks identified.

Interpretation and implementation of ISO Management System Standards (EG9001, 14001, 45001, etc.) and preparation for external audits: The latest versions of these international standards can really help an organisation move toward best practice and care for our world. We can help with interpretation of these standards and implementation of  a streamlined (non-bureaucratic) management system. We can also help you prepare for internal and external audits

Development of software / website requirement specifications (including work flows)

Measuring what matters for an organisation: Many organisations have too many measures or measures which do not reliably inform on the overall health of the organisation. We will review and assist to identify and implement a valid measuring approach which is appropriate for the organisation.

Stakeholder relationship management: We can assist in identifying the key stakeholders and managing the relationships and establishing an ongoing process to ensure  that the required /perceived value is being provided/delivered.

Predictive data analysis: This service includes outsourced forecasting services, other AI services and HR Analyst are available through our alliance partner. Share with us your forecasting and AI needs/ideas so we can discuss further.

Please let us know of any other needs that you have as we offer a wide range of skilled services.