Diagnostic stratified assessments and reporting to determine progress and next steps 2020-03-13T14:28:14+00:00


We provide online assessment tools to capture and report on status (current position) and progress on the RTHB learning, growth and improvement cycle. These assessment tools have been developed for individuals and for organisations (employees, leaders and organisation as a whole). The design provides a diagnostic and stratified view to enable a targeted approach to address what arises.

Whilst these assessment tools can be used at anytime we recommend their use at the start and then periodically or where you want to determine the effectiveness of any programs or effort that has been expended on learning, growth and improvement.

We can use the results to develop a plan on the ongoing path to improvement.

The following may help you decide whether this is a relevant service: 

  • You are seeking to improve the engagement and contribution of your people in your organisation
  • You want a better gauge as to the feel and culture or are looking for a way to measure the real effectiveness or gains from existing approaches/programs carried out in your organisation
  • You are seeking ways to support and care for your people in your organisation
  • You are looking to better target personal development and support, to achieve more ongoing growth in emotional and adaptive capacity or change competence.
  • You are introducing change to your organisation and want to better understand the impact and effectiveness for example changes in process, products,  services, structure and roles, policies and processes, new technologies/IT systems?

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