Real Time Heart-Based. It is time.

Real Time…

is being aware of and being in what you are experiencing and feeling through your whole self (body, mind, spirit and heart) in moments that arrives.

Letting go of past realities and future projections is part of the Real Time experience.

Heart based…

is leading and guided by the heart. The heart only knows love, care, compassion, empathy and kindness, which in turn leads to actions, thoughts and approaches that reflect this.

You would have experienced a RTHB moment in the past.

When your heart was open and you were in your moment and it felt beautiful- you saw, felt, gave, recurved, heard the beauty- and you softened and gave with arms open with no expectation with no wanting no conditions – time stopped.

It seemed so simple – and it was – and the impact on you others and the world around you – nurturing.

And yet it is something we are so far away from in most moment

The way we have come to experience most moments laden with complexity, distraction, distortion, nonsense, personal desire,

Where our minds are caught up in a loop of thoughts reactions leaving us unable to enjoy the moments in ways that leave us engaging, connected, vibrant, open, creative, innovative, caring, loving

So how are we going to do this in what we are facing right now with the coronavirus and its impact.

It is likely so many of our previous realities, our beliefs our way of life are going to be thrown into chaos.

More than ever, we will need to rely on ourselves to be the best self to bring our best self to real time moments.

RTHB as a way of life requires practice and now more than ever is the time to practice.

We have been forced to isolate to pause to relook rethink (and what we say rewrite) to begin moving differently in our life.

The choice is yours now to strengthen your practice to grow and improve rather than spiral and decline – physically mentally emotionally socially.

We are going to be challenged on every level.

You will feel every emotion as the unknown emerges.

You will be pulled into a spiral IF you don’t know how to do it differently

Since my own personal challenge with cancer I have been moving towards this – for over 15 years.

I am still practicing this every day in my moments and it is a practice for life.

The gift however is the self- empowerment that unfolds.

So let’s help each other as humans – bring out who we are meant to be.

The RTHB Growth Cycle is the catalyst for your own self-empowerment.

Just a few simple tools to kick start your practice and bring this to your life.

Our future is depending on it.

If you read Nigel’s blog on, The rewrite – an alternative response to the Corona Virus (Covid19).

You’ll see more about the rewrite in terms of this crisis

A whole new way.

Instead of money being pumped in right now, it’s about doing it differently.

Have all essentials human needs, free so everyone is safe and cared for first and we are able to provide services for free because we feel safe and not threatened.

So we can keep things moving and even keep growing during this time, so if needed

A mechanic can service our car if we need

A plumber can fix our drain if needed

A builder can fix our roof if it’s leaking

An electrician can fix our faulty wire

A hairdresser can cut our hair when we can’t see

A cook can prepare meals for the needy

A volunteer can care for an elderly person

A parent can play and teach their children

With no fear around our basic essentials for survival, think of the RTHB that is possible.


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