The Rewrite – An alternative response to the Corona Virus (Covid19)  by providing Essential Human Needs for Free instead of $$/Stimulus.

Nigel Stedman, director of Business Consulting International and Real Time Heart-Based is calling on all governments to consider an alternative to the current responses using money. One of the challenges is to recognise the nature of the problem. In this case it is human-based therefore GFC stimulus solutions are not a good fit.  Anxiety over an uncertain future is increasing as peoples’ wealth (pay, super/pension, assets etc) are dwindling with concerns about how they will survive.

The focus during this time should be how best to care for people and allay their fears and anxiety. This could be done by providing free essential human needs (#essentialhumanneedsforfree) including electricity/water/gas, food, internet, education, health, shelter (home loans, rents etc).

How? By looking at the supply chain of all the essential human needs, and asking those organisations to donate. For example to provide free electricity would mean that coal, oil and gas would need to be donated by those organisations, until the corona virus crisis subsides. The ripple effect of this would lead to benefits in other parts of the supply chain… free electricity for all people and organisations would mean lower costs which can lead to more donations of products/services/materials. Once people no longer need to pay for the essential human needs, the anxiety would subside and those in work can donate their time to their employer and those who work less can donate their skills/gifts/talents/time in other ways to help others, either as part of an organisation or as individuals. Organisations can also re-purpose themselves to use any spare capacity for the benefit of people and communities.

So governments, organisations and people can lead with their hearts to ensure we all come through this in the best possible way and ready for the future challenges.

What to do about money? Governments around the worlds should suspend money markets and the banks by freezing everything from a certain agreed point in time until a restart is possible ie when people/products/services can freely move around the world. This will prevent for example, share values from falling further and substantial increases in government and personal debt.

Why not stimulus? Apart from those organisations providing the essential human needs, most others are likely to experience a considerable drop in demand for their products/services which can only result in the share markets to continue to plunge, particularly if this situation lasts an expected 12-18 months. Our psyche as humans, is to hold on to what we have when we are uncertain about the future and are anxious, so any money we receive will be used sparingly. Government continually reaching for more and more stimulus will result in a debt so high that when the crisis subsides the world economies will be in depression and dysfunctional. If people are required to continue to pay for the essential human needs for up to 18 months with dwindling wealth, many will run out of money and rack up debt just to keep a roof over their heads. This could lead to a human crisis of increasing homelessness, poverty and more people on the streets. The flow on effect of this on communities will be devastating.

By freezing money systems and working with kindness for all, we will all be in a good place for when things resume.

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