Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) – a catalyst for the rewrite:

Tricia LaBella and Nigel Stedman, directors of Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB), discuss the rewrite and how it could benefit us all.

From all the conditioning in the mind to leading with and listening to your heart in all moments. This way we can bring the best authentic version of ourselves for the benefit of others, leading to a more caring society and fulfilling life.

This is significant because each of us has a different blend of skills, aptitudes, gifts, talents etc and with an open-heart will allow us to bring these in real time to help others. Can you Imagine how much better life would be if all people and organisations led with their heart?

Instead of chasing material things or watching excessive amounts of TV/Netflix, people would be working with what they could do to make the lives of others better. Life would be more rewarding, fulfilling and social.

We could eradicate homelessness and poverty, our indigenous people would be honoured and revered, people would form better relationships, there would be real fairness and honesty all round. Politicians would be honest and caring, organisations would donate a % of their output to communities without needing to publicise it… just like other volunteers do. People working for organisations would be empowered, not controlled.

This is what Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) is all about. Being the catalysts and bringing the ‘how’ for the rewrite to a heart-shaped world, where all the established norms would change to be heart led. When we care for self-others and environment, everything changes for the better and we all work together for a better, more caring, loving, fairer world.

The real time heart based creates a rewrite on how we feel and act in all aspects of life. We have been conditioned to lead with our mind which has led us to here where we cannot differentiate truth from lie, fact from fiction, transparency from obfuscate, honesty from spin, intention from manipulation etc.

At the most basic level we struggle to grant equality of freedom and choice to all as we let (often unnamed) vested interests shift decisions towards their benefit. We hope for better politicians to benefit our circumstances, whereas we can get on the cycle of new learning, growth and empowerment and change things for ourselves.

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