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 RTHB Organisation Criteria

Assessment and workshops for employees, leaders and organisation and maintained as a lifelong commitment.

Intention to shift leadership style, policies, systems, approaches from control to empowerment and support.

Real time heart-based approach (support growth and empowerment) and no harm to all (Self, Others, Environment SOE) including supply chains, distribution chains, shareholders and stakeholders including customers.

Donation of % of core services/products to (local) communities and social enterprises/NFPs/Charities

We also have a recognition program for those organisations at fully the RTHB principles as a ‘way of life’. Where this is demonstrated, they will be recognised as a real time heart-based organisation and be able to display the logo together with a licence number on organisation  (not products/services) signs, documentation etc.

Contact us below to discover more about being a RTHB Organisation.