RTHB-The Rewrite-Even more Stimulus vs Donate and Care

The Government has announced 100’s billions of dollars in stimulus to keep businesses and employees going. How much debt will we get into before realising that money cannot fix this? Given the duration of this crisis, the share markets could fall significantly lower from here.

We recommend an approach where essential human needs are provided free and where of money markets and repayment of loans/rents are frozen. This approach would change the equation towards human care and kindness. We should adopt measures that are sustainable for 12+months. The measures would include those below:

The alternative to Billions in stimulus and intergenerational debt.

Let us shift our thinking to heart-based solutions, from money to kindness. Let us ask organisations around the world to donate including oil, gas and other essential products/services.

See https://www.realtime-enhancements.com.au/rewrite-alternative-response-corona-virus/

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