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We provide tailored services to meet the unique needs of our clients. The range of services include:

Workshops (Management, Workplace, Community)

3 hour workshop (includes follow up).

Maximum attendee numbers apply.

Personal Professional Development (Sessions / whole days)

Negotiated specific focus based on organisation / workplace needs.

One on one consultations 

Consultations: provide initial mapping of needs + an eclectic mix of services to suit each client: coaching, training, skill development, mentoring.

Single consultations

5 and 10 block consultations

In house tailored service

A tailored service working within the organisation. A negotiated arrangement to suit the specific outcomes desired and the number of people in the organisations.

This service involves:

  1. A comprehensive consultation to establish
  • the key measurable markers to monitor as indication of successful outcomes
  • the current levels of perceived wellbeing in the environment
  • the current contributors and inhibitors of physical, mental, emotional wellbeing (linked to people, place, policy, personal ability)
  • a proposed outline of training, coaching, system strategy for progress
  1. A flexible approach to deliver and monitor the strategies through
  • Consultation across all areas of the organisation
  • Attendance in meetings
  • Training as identified
  • Coaching as identified
  1. A follow up measure of progress through
  • Confidential feedback and rating
  • Written and online approaches available

Yearly subscription

Suitable for workplaces and organisations

  • 4 workshops per year specifically designed for either Staff, Management and/or Board (maximum of 20 attendees per workshop, or negotiated approach with 20+ attendees).
  • 30 hours of one on one consultation including coaching services for all employees should they require extra coaching for work or non-work related topics.

All services can be provided onsite at your workplace or at a pre-arranged location at the expense of the client. No travel fee is charged within 50km of the Adelaide CBD.  All client visits arranged 50km outside of the Adelaide CBD are to be paid for by the client and negotiated at the time of booking.

Contact Real Time Enhancements for more information on pricing and how we can best serve you.