Vision Web 6 Energy zappers

Last week when we looked at the ‘quick fix’ trap, we explored the notion of shifting the language to reflect a more discovering mindset.

One reason why this is helpful,  is that words have energy!

When you listen to words and thoughts that don’t work well for you, you may notice the impact they have. They may negatively affect your actions, motivation, mood, perceptions and the meaning you give to things and your beliefs.

You may already be able to recognise how this affects you; you give up, don’t put in effort, don’t see other ways, talk badly about yourself, believe it can’t make a difference.

It can actually zap you..

Despite all the energy you invest, it does NOT bring you closer to a solution or what you really want.

This is how and why shifting the talk with words such as ‘I’m learning and discovering,’ can help you.

Some words can make a difference; they sound and feel more hopeful and that can be vital when commitment and persistence is needed.

And whatever contributes to keeping your dreams alive,  is worth testing!

All the more, when it can actually start from a simple shift in your talk.

So think about when you feel energised.

What does it do to you?

Can you identify your own words, actions, thoughts, perspectives that actually help or are responsible for this positive vitalised energy in you?

What are you saying to yourself, to others? What are you doing, listening to, embracing that leads to or creates;

  • Motivation
  • Openness to try
  • Willingness to explore with more curiosity and courage
  • Kindness, compassion and forgiveness with yourself and others

So our tips for this topic;

  1. Discover your personal productive words, talk, perspectives, actions – that energise you and feel good for you.
  2. Notice without judgement, the moments when you are in negative talk, thoughts, habits, behaviours.
  3. Choose to take action – to make a shift from what is feeding the negative using your energisers AND remember be kind because things are COMPLEX.

You could even use this approach for your personal wellbeing, where you actually INJECT what energises you as part of your day!

REMEMBER: Allow yourself to become more and more conscious of what you discover and what works for you.

Becoming more conscious is your power because YOU KNOW HOW to move and can move promptly.

AND that is great for your immune system – because you’ll spend less time in habits, thoughts, beliefs, actions that can be damaging.

So, personal energy management might be something you choose to support you on the path to what you really want AND your wellbeing.

Cheers Tricia,

The Vision Web process helps shift from the ‘zappers’ to ‘energisers’. 






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