Vision Web 7 Know your why

 Last week we looked at how easy was to spend a lot of time on things that zap your energy and don’t actually move you to where you want to be.

Moving away from what zaps you can be a helpful strategy when you need some relief, some space to become clearer and energy to drive things differently. And that’s a good thing.

We also mentioned right back at the beginning however, that ‘problems’ that zap you, can actually provide clues about what is important; and it can lead you to more or what you need to achieve that.

This week we’d like to share another strategy that can be helpful to gain extra clarity and move you when stuck or in emotions that are stopping you.

It involves asking yourself some questions and listening to the answers you give.

The first question is around ‘why’.  ‘Why is this (problem, way of doing things, this feeling, situation etc.) an issue?’

You may say something like: I don’t want it, it is uncomfortable it gets in the way, it is not helpful, others are stopping you, the situation is damaging, I don’t have any time, I’m too busy etc.

When the answer is still in the form of a problem, it suggests a follow up question is needed. And that question is the same question as the first: ‘so why is that an issue?’

When similar responses are given, ask the question again.

The idea is to ask the same question over and again until your response brings what you WANT and what is important to you.

Knowing your why because of what you want, or need can be powerful.

These things can reflect traces of deeper values you hold about life in general. The answer can also give clues to not just what is important to you ALSO how it is important to create it.

You may say something like, you want to be happy, to be heard, to shine, to achieve, to have it fair, to do what you love, have a voice, do what is fun, creative etc.

You tend to know when it arrives, because you say the words with ‘heart’ and more conviction.

You have emotion.

You feel it.

The answer generally arrives WITHOUT conscious thought. You might find yourself ‘blurt’ it out.

And yet it resonates as a truth.

Getting to this point can be very helpful.

In what way?

We see it has the power to ‘break the chain’ from the old habits of talk, mind or action with ‘how’ you have gone about your business to achieve your vision (we mentioned this in a previous blog).

It creates a pause and the pause brings the power.

We believe that the pause, taking a breath, HEARING YOUR WORDS OUT LOUD and feeling the emotion, brings a new reality of the situation to the surface.

It has the potential to open you up to the ‘I wonder’ and the ‘aha’ needed for a shift.

I wonder if my current actions are getting me closer? I wonder how a different action would feel? I wonder if there is a different way?

A brief moment of ‘I wonder’ can be just what you need to steer in a different direction.

Because let’s face it, in a moment anything can change.

Cheers Tricia,

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