Vision Web 8 Reflect with kindful purpose

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies’ (unknown author)

How often do you find yourself doing the same thing over and again AND getting the same unwanted results?

While it is a good thing in that you ARE doing something and NOT sitting idle, wouldn’t it be good to actually get some rewards for your efforts?

We believe one reason why we repeat the same types of actions, is to do with how we reflect on what has occurred.

So, here’s a question for you.

How do you reflect on the outcomes / results you get?

When you nail something, achieve something you didn’t think you could, or when you didn’t get the results or answers you were looking for?

Do you say ‘YEH’ when it works and ‘WOH’ when it doesn’t.

Do you feel ‘great’ when it does and ‘upset’ when it doesn’t.

While these are all normal responses,

We’d like to invite you to take on another practice as you respond and reflect on what does and doesn’t happen.

The practice of identifying, with honesty, what it was that lead to the success or failure.

I was stubborn, I resisted the recommendations, I didn’t have the skills, I didn’t know how.

OR, I put in effort, I put some good advice into action, I asked more questions, I took my time.

The reason for this practice is that it is helping YOU become more conscious and aware of what is actually happening!

A key point, with this reflection, is to do it with ‘kindfulness’.

We’re not sure if that is a word however it does reflect the ‘full of kindness’ we see is important to foster a more honest appraisal.

You are DRAWING THINGS OUT– and that is powerful to HEAR and KNOW.


It can move you closer to making connections you may not have seen before (you know that ‘blind spot’ according to the ‘Johari Window’).

Those ‘little somethings’ that actually have the potential to turn things around, are revealed.

To change the flow of what has lead you to what you don’t want.

And with this subtle yet powerful shift, a new direction for your next steps is created.

For example, it can guide you to new learning, developing personal qualities and directing your focus and energy.

AND it can be a great reminder of what has worked and achieved success previously.

Importantly, there lies the potential to change your relationship with failure and success; stemmed from appreciating how both lead to win / win rather than win / lose.

Knowing there is a ‘silver lining’ in both.

It can create a natural shift in your language when things don’t turn out as you expected – different to the ‘failure’ statements.

It can also create a natural shift in WHERE to invest your energy and effort – different to where you previously invested.

Whether you choose to do differently or not with what you discover (it may or may not be the time for it), different insights have surfaced, which paths the way for new choices, that are looming in your subconscious!

In your everyday life, there are plenty of success and failure moments that exist to ‘squeeze out’ something helpful.

Both play an important role, neither are good or bad, rather ALL are there to CULTIVATE what you need to OPEN up to what is waiting for you in the world.

Cheers Tricia,

The Vision Web process shows how to reflect with kindness. 






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