Vision Web 9 The privilege of choice

‘The ability to have choice in what you do is a privilege’ Anton Yelchin.

Feeling there is no choice, can have a huge impact on how you feel and how you engage in what you do.

And while there are challenges associated with this feeling of no choice, there are ALSO CHALLENGES that come with choice.

Choice IS powerful.

Choice opens the door to possibilities.

Choice is a PRIVILEGE.

The challenge or cost of choice, is often the time, focus, effort and energy in managing the abundance of possibilities that arrive.

Have you ever felt that?

When there are so many choices and it feels like an obstacle that blocks action and leaves you feeling confused, overwhelmed, frozen?

Today with more and more of everything arriving each day, it could well be a significant factor in the complexity of it all.

What’s more, with the technology enabling us to share everything, it can feel like a bombardment, with so many things you ‘could do’ with many suggesting you ‘should do’ if you want to be successful!

Can you recognise this story? Have you been swayed to purchase something you didn’t even need or want?

Don’t be hard on yourself for doing that.

With the manner of the suggestive language, marketing and messages that present today, you can be in the trap before you even know what has happened!

The programs, clothes, products, books, food, gadgets and everything in between.

Another powerful reason to support what we believe is the path free –

Get to know you better and what YOU want.

When you know what you want, you will know in the first instance, whether to fits for you, your mission or not.

Being selective in the first place, means less options to contend with later!

The more aware of the ‘everything’ trap in general, the more inclined to challenge what comes along rather than be challenged by it!

You could challenge using questions such as:

Is this really going to be helpful?

Do I want it, or is it trying to tempt me?

Whose suggestion is this anyway?

Will this make a difference right now?

Is this actually important?

Can I leave this for another time?

Is this really me and what I am about as a person?

It can be a great step towards you becoming the DRIVER of your life.

A way to avoid being ‘swallowed up’ by overwhelm and daunting task of finding your way clear when complex and confused sets in.

A way to better –

  • Sit in your centre; be in the ‘eye of the storm’ rather than in the storm.
  • Walk your path confidently rather than being lost in the massive ‘field of everything’ around you.
  • Drive your choices rather than have them put you into ‘overdrive!’

So, what do you want?

If this is a challenge to answer, remember it need not be something to HAVE,


Start with A WANT that resonates STRONGLY and holds true for you, and let it all flow from there.

Cheers Tricia

The Vision Web process helps draw out the what AND your why. 




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