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Keep Moving Lifestyle – JOIN THE GROUP

Keep Moving Lifestyle 

This is a ‘keep moving’ approach for everyone. Have you ever felt too tired, unmotivated or pulled in other directions at the end of the day to do the fitness or other activities you planned for yourself? For so long, our mindset has separated moving and being active from our work or other daily engagements. With 16+ waking hours in a day, we believe there are many opportunities to move more AND with a change of mindset, you will be surprised how to filter movement in naturally. Join our Keep Moving Lifestyle Facebook group to move more, in your every day. Visit us here. LOVE to see you there. We have collected the moves over time, and they are available as an online menu of moves so use the explore button to learn more.

OR CONTACT us to have our KEEP MOVING LIFESTYLE visit your WORKPLACE OR ORGANISATION, to create a Keep Moving Lifestyle circuit specifically customised to cater for the personal, organisation and environment.



This is a community project. Did you know knitting has been shown to enhance wellbeing? It’s something you can do to settle the mind and maintain the mobility in your hands and fingers! If you’d like to knit a square, as well as feel great for you, each square is used to make blankets for people in need. On the first day of winter, we hand the blankets over to a range of organisations who pass them on.  It’s a win win for everyone. Knit a Care Square is currently in Adelaide, however it can be organised, wherever you are! Visit us here. 



Creating Wellbeing Environments  PRESENTATION

WE bring this presentation to your community. WE believe that stories have power and that’s what we share. Come together as a group, for more on creating your own personal wellbeing environment. Enjoy a take home ‘token’, as a handy reminder to take into each day.


BREATHE – action strategies WORKSHOP

This workshop introduces you to the BREATHE acronym. Each letter of the acronym provides helpful action strategy approaches to add to your personal tool box. Things you can do and action that can make a difference in any moment. BREATHE is easy to use and remember which is the key when you’re looking for answers and direction. It is another tool that promotes self-empowerment and builds personal resilience.


The Vision Web

The Vision Web ™ Workshop 

Have you noticed that in some areas of your life, you feel confident and OK, and yet in others, it’s more of a struggle? Perhaps you achieve well at work, yet home tasks are a challenge? You commit to exercise, yet eating well is a challenge? You make confident decisions at work, yet deciding on personal matters is a challenge? Contradictions like these are very normal, but the discomfort that comes from them can cause a bottle-neck and be confusing, frustrating and highly challenging to work through.

What if I told you, you already had the power to change all that? You just need the formula. Vision web provides you with this formula, clearing the bottle-neck of frustration and getting things moving again. As a result of over 30 years of work, this simple process examines, understands and pinpoints the key challenges that are often so difficult for us to see – and that are holding us back. 

Come and explore the magic of the Vision Web. What have you got to lose, or better yet, what could you have to gain?

CONNECT – relationships WORKSHOP

We are in relationship with everything. Relationships can play a major role in how our visions and life unfolds. This workshop follows on from the Vision Web workshop.  It looks at the nature of relationships and brings some frameworks to observe the nature of your own relationships. You will be introduced to 2 tools helpful in building quality relationships.  Learn how to hop into the FRIPAN and create a FITT relationship to add to your personal tool box. You can create the relationships you are looking for


PATIENCE – mind strategies WORKSHOP

This workshop introduces you to the PATIENCE acronym. Each letter of the acronym provides helpful mind and mental strategy approaches to add to your personal tool box. Things you can engage that can make a difference to how each moment is experienced. PATIENCE is easy to use and remember which is the key when things are not clear.