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Vision Web


Sometimes we are closer than we think to our dreams, wants and true solutions to what’s been holding us back- and yet without knowing or believing that, we can so easily give up.
It may have a lot to do with how we get hijacked by those hidden taunts disguised as self talk and negativity – caught up in the ‘web’.
When we can’t find our way clear it affects our performance and even worse, affects our desire or motivation to continue. Reclaim your life!

The Vision Web ™

Have you noticed that in some areas of your life, you feel confident and OK, and yet in others, it’s more of a struggle? Perhaps you achieve well at work, yet home tasks are a challenge? You commit to exercise, yet eating well is a challenge? You make confident decisions at work, yet deciding on personal matters is a challenge?

Contradictions like these are very normal, but the discomfort that comes from them can cause a bottle-neck and be confusing, frustrating and highly challenging to work through.

What if I told you, you already had the power to change all that? You just need the formula. Vision web provides you with this formula, clearing the bottle-neck of frustration and getting things moving again. As a result of over 30 years of work, this simple process examines, understands and pinpoints the key challenges that are often so difficult for us to see – and that are holding us back. 
The Vision Web works whether you are in a struggle and ready to move, unsure about where to start or even NOT quite ready to move as it gives you a path; it opens the door that you didn’t know was there. As we say, little things keep you moving.
Use this fundamental life-skill to create new solutions for what you want, and change the things that bother you. Best yet – you can pay it forward. The Vision Web training has been designed so that its easy for you to explain and share it with those around you. Come and explore the magic of the Vision Web. What have you got to lose, or better yet, what could you have to gain?

The workshop

Come prepared with topics, issues, challenges and see how the Vision Web ™ changes things.

You will –

  • use the entire unique process
  • see the path clear with a current personal problem or future desire
  • create a vision that leads to long lasting solutions
  • identify your immediate next step to action
  • use the ‘open web’ flexible approach to balancing it all, getting things done and SUPPORTING your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

YES, it does all of that!

Once you learn the formula, you can use it again and again.

If you’re in a helping, guiding, managing people or coaching role -learn more about the facilitation training to bring it to others.

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Or contact Tricia to arrange a workshop for your group / business.

$149 per person workshop (includes material + a personal follow up email)

 The Vision Web approach, supports key research in the area of wellbeing. 

Suitable for community, workplaces, organisations, businesses and industry boards.


Using the Vision Web Tool.


These workshops use of the Vision Web tool to address specific topics.

Each workshop is tailored to the specific issue being experienced within the context of your community, organisation, workplace, business or network.

Topics may include although are not limited to;

  • staying well while caring for others
  • keeping motivated through challenging times
  • preparing for peak performance
  • maintaining healthy relationships in challenging times
  • finding clarity with business direction

Contact Real Time Enhancements on pricing and how we can best serve you.

  1. Organisation VISION CREATION

These group workshops engage the Vision Web™ to achieve a clear and united vision, that guides ALL members with next step key areas for action towards successful outcomes.

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What the Vision Web has done for me…

It has been such a positive experience, I went to the Workshop with an open mind to grow and get some direction and clarity with my life work balance.

Going through the process I thought I knew where it was taking me and I was quite happy. Then as I did some homework and spoke to Tricia on our follow up I realised it was a little different and what I thought was my challenge wasn’t really it, and I was able to work this out by myself.

It actually came down to something else. This made me really happy as I knew how to “fix this” or more professionally “to implement it”

I have also been able to guide friends going through some dilemmas and challenges and I really feel I have been able to help them by using the Vision Web tool.

I would like to share what I think is important :- Be kind to yourself, and  enjoy what you are doing, slow down and breathe.

And more importantly be honest with yourself – you may need to look more deeply but I feel this is where you will find the answers.

I am enjoying what the Vision Web has done for me and also helping others.

I highly recommend this workshop, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.