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Challenge to Change

Are you looking to do more than survive the challenges that exist today? To cope and even thrive instead? 

I feel now more than ever, we need to be more prepared with those personal tools so we're ready when the challenges strike. 

Why? Because so often challenges come at a price and the price is often your wellbeing and self care. 

Do you find that when your stress levels rise it has a ripple effect; your sleep pattern and appetite changes, the way you engage others changes, the time you spend on things you love - perhaps your hobbies and past-times is lessened?  

And if you're someone who is busy taking on array of responsibilities; as a parent, perhaps grandparent, caring for children or others, while managing a home, work, business or other things - you might be wondering how can you do it differently?

You might even be saying you can't do one more thing so even the thought of reaching out seems taxing! 

I know, I've been there before and thought there was no way to lessen the feeling of overwhelm or find ways to ease it all.

What I have discovered and what I'd like to share with you, is that there ARE ways... And once you know them, you can enjoy all the things you love and feel good about in life.

'Finding the way' can have a huge impact on how you 'turn up' to each day, how you feel about your life and how life feels for you. 

Change around us is inevitable... Changing well with it... is a choice and can make a great difference.    

And when you 'change your rhythm, you can change your life' and it can happen in a moment... 

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The Key to unlock...


No-one knows you - better than you.  You know what feels right in relation to your relationships, work, passions, lifestyle... The answers are with you... Explore this path to your wellbeing, accomplishments and fulfillment.    

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Sharing stories... 

BREATHE For Life Journals -

Sharing how others face challenges and build their strength and achieve success, can help your own personal learning and understanding. Stories can inspire you to ask different questions and head in new directions. What stories are you listening to?

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Keep Moving Lifestyle... 


 When you move your body and become more energetic and motivated, your 'feel good; and do good 'tank' will be filled! Who do you surround yourself with to keep yourself moving?

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